Going to toss in a few more things from other people before I go back to my own levels. I want to make sure there are still awesome pieces left for people to look forward to at the end. This one was done by ResidentoEvil and actually departs from the typical challenge of Seppukuties and replaces it with a choice: You can either complete the level without putting your Seppukuties in harms way, but without any chance to get the acorns, or get the acorns through sacrificing your Seppukuties lives. Neither choice will get you an A rank.


Politics - Avg Time: 10-20 seconds, Par: 1, Acorns: 11
Challenges - NARP(No A Rank Possible)




Oh, and remember people, the purpose of this thread is to try to give and get feedback. Post up your own Levels, I'll give you as much feedback as I can, and even if you aren't up to making your own level, you can still offer your feedback on what your favorite levels are, what parts are too hard, or what you think could be improved. The result will hopefully be that people we'll get the most awesome levels possible in this thread.

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