awesome, keep checking back here, cause I'll be putting up a new level every day for the next week or so. Either ones that I've made or notable ones that I've found. I've also learned how to hack the level code directly, and I'll give a quick tutorial on that as well.
Please let me know what you think of them. I'd really like to actually see this thing get a little traction.

This next level doesn't require as much skill as it does out of the box thinking. This was the first level I created with the intent of making the Seppuku mechanic essential to the game. Every level that came prepackaged in the game can typically be beaten while still having the only deaths as those caused by traps and hazards, rather than any of them resulting from an actual suicide.

Gauntlet 2 - Avg Time: 50 secs, Par: 2, Acorns: 21
Challenge - Hazard Pushing, Key Order, Corpse Use


Seppukuties is like LBP Lite, on crack. Play it already!

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