Here's a taste of what you can expect from my custom levels. This is the first one I did, completed it in a few hours, but then followed it with a few minor tweaks over the past week to make it a little easier. I recommend at least beating the prepackaged levels with less than 7 total deaths before taking a stab at it though. Oh, and when you post your own levels make sure your code doesn't get broken with line breaks or carriage returns, those cause cause errors that will make the levels go goofy when you try to play them. If you need to break up your code, only use spaces.

Gauntlet 1 - Avg Time: 45 secs, Par: 0, Acorns: 16
Challenge - Quick Start, Key Order, Key Timing, Jumping Accuracy


Seppukuties is like LBP Lite, on crack. Play it already!

Currently wrapped up in: Half Life, Portal, and User Created Source Mods
Games I want: (Wii)Mario Kart, Okami, Bully, Conduit,  No More Heroes 2 (GC) Eternal Darkness, Killer7, (PS2) Ico, God of War1&2, Legacy of Kain: SR2&Defiance

My Prediction: Wii will be achieve 48% market share by the end of 2008, and will achieve 50% by the end of june of 09. Prediction Failed.

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