Did my suggestion fix that redscreen problem you were having with saving your textcodes?


Okay, for the first one, it looked really good, but seemed to run into the same problem as what I had with the first ones. Rather than gather up the red and green and blue keys in and effort to get to the golden acorn, I just grabbed the first red key and then dropped down into the area where the golden acorn was. Hopefully this image should help show what the level ended up looking like as well as what I did and where I ended up.

My recommendation is one of two things. either add in some acorns at the top right hand corner where the red and green keys are, so that if they don't get itno that area, they won't get the A score, or instead of putting that key on top of that static boulder that the platform is swinging on, put it on top of a small door that's out of reach so that it won't drop down into range until after you get one of the other keys first.



The second level looked like you tried to edit the level and author information badly, which caused the level to break, so I fixed it

Driven Ins Hane - Avg Time: 35 seconds, Par: 1, Acorns: 0
Challenge - Key Order, Jumping Accuracy


You can't just type "By[AuthorName]" at the end, it has to be specifically in the format of "X[Level#Name]@[Author#Name]"

Don't get discouraged by this, but yoru friend's level is incredibly well done. It took me about half a dozen attempts to beat it, but once I did, it only took roughly 30 seconds to complete, I particularly liked the red herring that the pink key provided, i suspected from teh very beginning that it was, but still attempted to grab it just in case, and burned through a number of lives in the process. The spike balls also set me back a few tries before I confirmed the position I needed to be to get over them safely. For this reason, I'm punching a quick title into it and giving a description.

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