BOOM! New PS3 ad (It only does everything)

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They're bundling their Bravias now.


EDIT: Aparently the post with this vid was deleted from PlayStation3 blog.

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"Price check in aisle BOOM"

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... where the hell was deal when i was buying a PS3

Ehh... that was the weakest one thus far. Well, weak as far as being funny goes. It likely works as an ad if you are looking for something to buy.  I think maybe my lack of liking for the ad is that the spokesdude they have seems to come off best when he considers what he is dealing with to be absurd, or he displays being arrogantly in charge, in contrast to the situation.  Boom here didn't quite do it for me personally.  His one upping the girlfriend who was complaining about her boyfriend was good though.


That is the best deal ever, could move a LOT of consoles...

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god this advert is damn good

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Price check on Isle BOOM!

jeez to think i spent all this money on my fatass PS3 and my Bravia t.v
when in the US they get this! -cries inside-

it says "video not available" when I click on it.........*sniff*

Video isn't working for me.

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