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Kantor said:
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darthdevidem01 said:

yeah miyamoto said that didn't he.

You have to read more carefully. I wrote "a respected developer" and the first thing you think of is the guy who gave us Wii Music.

That's not really fair. You're ignoring all the awesome games he's made, like Doshin the Giant. There's no need to cherrypick just because you're a Nintendo hater, Rol.

There's nothing wrong with hating on Nintendo. If it weren't for the Wii, we would be one step closer to games being recognized as art. Like for example GTA IV which had oscar worthy dialogue.

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1) Has a main series FF ever been on a system that's not been market leader? No. So I don't see how you can really prove this... Also, games like Final Fantasy MAKE install bases...

2) Pressure? It's Squares damn fault for taking so long... They have the option of getting assistance from PS3 dev's that know what they're doing and have shown they know how to handle the system. [Naughty Dog and Inzomniac in particular...

3) You're getting Dragon Quest X and Tales of Graces... the PS3 has had NOTHING up to now.

4&5) Meh, not sure what to say for these two since I don't really follow much Wii info.

EDIT: I'd like to add to my number one...

How the hell is this risky?? The game is selling for 90$ in Japan, which is in-line with past FF's...

90$!!! In the country where it's being made. The country where Shipment/Packaging expenses will be the lowest. They're making 50$ per game AT LEAST with that price tag. If they sell 1 million that's 50Million dollars in return... from the PS3's japan sales alone. Most people here without a doubt believe that the game would sell around 1.5M or more first week.... 

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specialops787 said:

How about all the Wii owners get pissed off because Square betrayed their loyal fanbase from the SNES years and left us with nothing on the N64. hopefully you're not too young to remember that.

Actually, Square didn't betray Nintendo.  Square offered FFVII to Nintendo on the condition that Nintendo uses CD technology for the N64.  Nintendo said no they're sticking with cartridge, and that forced Square to go to Sony.  I'm sure all the Nintendo execs regret that decision looking back.

1. No main FF game has ever sold more than 10 million units worldwide. All 3 current-gen consoles already have a userbase of 20+ million. So it don't matter which console it's being released on. Each console's userbase already exceeds the maximum selling potential of the game.

2. I've never heard anyone of credibility say GTAIV would kill the Wii. So I don't know where you pull that one from. Also, it doesn't matter what the HD sales are. It's the software that makes the profit, not the hardware. The Wii's attach rate is below both the PS3 and the 360.

3. DQX

4. Even if it's dumbed down for the 360, the different is probably neglible. The game would still be in HD. To dumb it down for the Wii would mean the game has to be in SD.

5. Gamers will hate the Wii even more if FFXIII is released on the Wii because the game would look like crap.

so what its still going to be better in 360 and ps3

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dude....we are all thankful that this is only your opinion and thank God that it is only your opinion..that being said square is scared and i don't know why..pretty much everything they've ever put out on any PS-systems have sold..whether its such obscure games as Vagrant story, parasite eve, or even eiihander.  now as you correctly mentioned the version for teh 360 is already inferior due to the many changes sqaure had to do to accomodate that system-now imagine where the game would be or what it would look like if they did bring it to the Wii...... think long and hard because when you get the answer you won't like it.

there's no need to downgrade the game for 360 you twat, god people will beleive anything

I laughed!

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I can see SE porting FFX over to the Wii with added content to try and keep Wii owners quiet. But I don't see me getting a new FF on my Wii any time soon.

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6) Wii > Japan?

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