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i think mine and your post sum it up well...

I'm not really here!

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bardicverse said:
darthdevidem01 said:
bardicverse said:
Darth, WTF are you talking about? According to the recent week's sales, WW, Wii is outselling the 360 over 2:1, and the PS3 nearly 2.5:1

As for WSR in Japan, remember the size of the market there. By Famitsu sales, if the Wii holds at the 20k+ range, that's pretty decent, anything in the teens or below is bad, like how the PS3 and 360 are performing there (10k and 6k)

Also, how is feb to jun a yoy?

Where have I mentioned WW in my OP


I said Japan (where wii does not hold at 20K a week, it wasn't at 20K for many weeks in fact), then UK.....

Feb to Jun YOY......means YOY change in that time period of feb - jun

in UK wii is down 69% YOY

Yeah play that down as much as you want, but its quite BIG

Ok, then where is the 360 outselling the Wii, in which region? I see nothing that supports your statement in the charts. In Japan, its Wii with 21k, and 360 with 5200. Last I checked, that was roughly a ratio of 3.6:1 .. Im trying to figure out what you're smoking to see these numbers. =)

Ok, YoY, lets look at what released last year in that time frame... Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and Wii Fit. This year - nothing of major note. Software drives HW sales, and this year, we all know that the Wii hasn't had any "wow factor" games in the same time frame. So yes, when you have 300k+ sales in a time period, you're due for a big drop. Until you can show another console that can maintain numbers in the 200k-300k consistently, then I think you're expecting too much. Considering that the HD systems are struggling in the 50k-70k range in the same region, it's hard to cast stones at the system selling 2-3 times the amount.

What I'm getting at is not a defense point for the Wii, but saying that if the ship's going down, everyone aboard is drowning. The industry as a whole is in a bad situation right now, due to economic factors and the fact that videogames are part of the "luxury item" crowd that get chopped out of people's budgets when they're facing a monetary crisis. I don't think even a Zelda game can get people to go out and buy Wii systems right now. When people have ZERO dollars to spend, no matter how much they want the game, they still cannot afford it. 2009 was expected to be a slow year for all the consoles.

When one of the other consoles surpass the Wii sales, then you might have a point. Until then, your thread is just one troll post you made out of boredom.



Red- In the UK.

Blue- Grand Theft Auto 4, Devil May Cry 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4(PS3)

Green- His point is that Wii sales are dying down... in now multiple places, and being outsold (double) by its closest competitor. Just because hes asking if the Wii is starting to die down, dosent make him a troll, get a grip.

psrock said:
darthdevidem01 said:

I dunno why he used that excuse when the PS3 which is STEADY YOY had MGS4, GTA4 & DMC4 last year in that timeframe

How quicly people forget, The Wii's demand was so strong, they sold more consoles sometimes on weeks no games were released. There have never been a console that popular, but the demand has faded, Nintendo needs to focus on the core gamers and release games. I mean, to think about it, It was a bad first half game wise for Nintendo.

I know.....I remember when we were all amazed at how well the wii was doing despite no new releases in a week

well not any more


if only people could write precisely like you & not write 500 word essays!

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Its slowing downd but its also far from bursting. A pricecut , new games/colors are more then welcomed at tyhis point, if not 08 could have been its peek year.

But lets not overreact this :P Its still selling crazy ammounts :P

I just believe that if Wii > x360 and ps3.... well, there's nothing to worry about for nintendo. Yes, the wii is down... so is the ps3 and the x360 (WW) which is what matters.

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NiKKoM said:
Is this this weeks "Wii is doomed" thread? or did I missed another one?


On topic: So any new info from ioi? In another thread he said that those UK numbers are wrong, but without giving any explanation.

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So how many Wiis are Nintendo producing now per month? Won't slower sales now just mean they will have enough supply during the crazy holiday season?

yeah for some reason i actually thought EU Wii numbers were a bit high, but never would've imagine the wii and 360 shift places though. i think a price cut is immenent, and i think nintendo should've had stronger 1st party support (DS support was much much bigger)


oh my god. Somebody tell him about Chicken Little.

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RolStoppable said:
NiKKoM said:
Is this this weeks "Wii is doomed" thread? or did I missed another one?


On topic: So any new info from ioi? In another thread he said that those UK numbers are wrong, but without giving any explanation.

TBH......it was probably a quick reaction

I mean ALL OF US thought it was FAKE at first

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