Did the Wii influence modern VR?

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Virtual Boy did it first.

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"Did the Wii influence modern VR?"

imo not at all.

Jpcc86 said:
Virtual Boy did it first.

Did the virtual boy actually have any "real" VR games?
You know first person, you turn your head, the character looks around inside the world? (up,down,around,ect)

Because my impression of the Virtual Boy is it isnt actually a real VR machine.
Its just a flashy branding name (for something it doesnt really do).

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Wii was a important stepping stone for VR controllers, I don't think VR developers ignored the Wii motion plus in their pursuit of the ideal VR controller 

I have a hard time saying so.  

Motion controllers for VR seem like a pretty obvious development.  Motion tracking is essential for the headset, it seems like it'd be a trivial step to apply that tracking to a controller.  

A lot of things influenced modern VR. A lot of things have a minor influence on a lot of other things. That's kind of how technology works.

Did the Wii controller influence modern VR controllers? Probably, somewhat. Would it have happened anyway even without the Wii controller? Almost certainly. Technological convergence.

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Short answer: No.

Long answer: Hahahaha noooooooooooooooooooo xD

RolStoppable said:
Nintendo invented everything.

I remember when Nintendo invented the vagina. So good.

I disagree , but if in OP you say that VR boy the one which inspired, maybe there still be a good loong discussion. But this thread is focusing on how Wii mote affecting VR tech side. So the answer is No. Also you need to remember VR is not just PSVR, if you just look PSVR is the only VR then you are greatly mistaken.

I believe the reason you having this idea because PSVR are using Playstation move as tracking device and PS move were inspired by Wiimote, PSVR was inspired by PS moves , that's is the real stories. And PS Moves was indeed inspired by Wiimotes but than again Wii mote laso inspired by Eye Toy. So that's how innovation works.

Also there are a lot of others tracking device for VR device and that is not mimicking/using traditional PS moves/wii remotes. And the discussion will be even longer if you see from the aspect of optical and head set side. How 3D screens also involve on inspiring VR head set etc.

So the answer is "NO"

It sure put the control scheme into the mass's mind but to say it had a direct impact on it ... maybe, maybe not ?

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I watched an episode of Darkwing Duck back in the 90s. His daughter was playing a VR game and she wore a headset, "power gloves" and "power boots". I'd say modern VR is more like that than anything else.

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