What's your favourite genre of music?

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What's your favourite genre of music?

Pop 4 11.11%
Rock 14 38.89%
Metal 8 22.22%
Hip-hop/rap 1 2.78%
Dance/EDM 4 11.11%
Country 0 0.00%
Jazz 0 0.00%
Classical 1 2.78%
Other 4 11.11%

I dislike most Rap + Metal.... apart from that, I rather enjoy most other genre's.

I like dance/house/electro, and pop/rock mostly.
But if im in the mood, I can enjoy a good jazz song too.

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Metal is what I listen to most (bands from most of the sub genres). I like some rock, country, pop and hip hop too.

Probably punk followed by thrash and grunge but I listen to basically any metal or rock subgenre


Rock and Roll baby. Mainly classic and 90s rock.

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Now this is a thread I can answer.

I like music in general and I don't like to limit my thoughts and views based on arbitrary genres - and I'd say that applies to all kinds of media, not just music -, but I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed rap as much as I do rock. I'm open to different tastes and am open to accepting that some rap or country or whatever song can be really good, but ultimately rock is what I like the most and there's no getting away from that. It's the genre that contains all of my favorite bands/artists, and it's the genre I write music in. So, that's the one.

Indie Rock/Pop and Alternative Pop mostly.

Other R&B (Although, I know Americans refer to this as "pop" - which to me makes no sense at all. How can pop be a genre?)

Anyway, I like most music. The only genres I really don't like all that much are country, jazz, screamo, metal (and all of its 7894 sub-genres).

A few notable music genres that I really like that aren't on here are industrial rock, synth, new wave, grunge/alternative, and punk.

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