Does Nintendo Have a Scheduling Problem for 2019?

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Which Game Do You Thing Will Most Likely Slip Into 2020?

Zelda: Link's Awakening 2 3.03%
Animal Crossing 9 13.64%
Luigi's Mansion 3 6 9.09%
Town 21 31.82%
Pokemon 8 12.12%
None 20 30.30%

Fire Emblems delay really screwed Nintendo's release schedule. It was suppose to be that big game in May imo, but got delayed. I also would not be surprised if Nintendo has a Wii U port to announce for the upcoming dead period. While this drought in the beginning of the year sucks, its all not in vein though. We are about to have an absolutely kick ass 2nd half of the year that is packed full of great games. For predictions

June - Mario maker 2
July - Fire Emblem
August - Daemon x Machina + Astrial Chain
September - Marvel alliance 3 +Luigi's Mansion
October - Animal crossing + Town
November - Pokemon
December- Legend of Zelda

I would say that Town in the most likely to get delayed, simply that I don't think game freak is the most efficient developer and we know so little about the game. it did look pretty far along when we saw it last though.

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