Switch owners, how many 3rd party games do you have? (no Indies)

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How many 3rd party games do you have?

Zero 29 33.72%
One or Two 26 30.23%
Three or Four 8 9.30%
Five or Six 6 6.98%
Seven or more 17 19.77%

Not counting indies:

Puyo pyo
Mario Rabbids
Fire emblem warriors

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Unless you count Mario+Rabbids and Fire Emblem Warriors, none.

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Zero, but I currently only own 1 game :p

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Indie games count... period. Trying to discount them because they're... cheaper? It doesn't make sense.

As for me? Nothing. I own all three consoles so multiplatform games are purchased on the other two. The Switch is for Nintendo IP or IP that is exclusive to that platform.

I bought Doom. I will buy Wolfenstein II. 

I support third parties if I feel they've earned my patronage.

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Cobretti2 said:
Sherlock99 said:
Re revelations collection Mario rabbits game

when did RE revelations come out? I haven't seen it in stores

Nov 28th you can easily fine it at Walmart at least in my area

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All carts - Fifa, Fate/Extella, Dragon ball Xenoverse 2, and Mario + Rabbids.

Didn't count my indies and Neo geo classics.

I never get what counts as indie, so I'll just list all of them.

Disgaea 5
Rayman Legends
Sonic Forces
Puyo Puyo Tetris
Sonic Mania
Puzzle Adventure Blockle
Blaster Master Zero
Mom Hid My Game!
Stardew Valley
Shovel Knight

Also Fire Emblem Warriors...but it's still a Nintendo IP so I don't really count it.

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Not counting indies I've bought a big fat zero, and that is unlikely to change as even on PC I've hardly bought any third party AAA titles.

Does Mario and Rabbids count? :lol: