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Tales of the Abyss. Dis tew much, the last 15 hours or so were incredibly frustrating. You travel from location to location just to watch a 1 minute cutscene or read some dialogue, and then its back to traveling back and forth. Plot wise, the mean guys wouldn't budge and die already... After you beat them all multiple times previously. Great game for 40 hours, terrible design all the way to the 60 hour mark/finale.

Xenogears also dragged on for a little too long. I know they were very ambitious and wanted to tell a full story, but I ended up logging in 63 hours even with the terrible second disc. The fact that the combat is slow, the character moves slow, the text speed is slow... And you get 20 hours in which you get to actually play 8 of.

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Some of the old Dungeon in the early days of wow.. so many trash mobs and bosses to clear out it took hours.. literally hours.
And those old AV sessions which 1 match could take 6 hours.. old school wow players will know what i am talking about.

The Witcher 3 and Ni No Kuni

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Many (if not most) Final Fantasy games lol

I feel like quite a number of them were fun and had some excellent villains, but for some reason that villain would frequently be only the underling of some far less fleshed out and less interesting top baddy.

Nier. It's an excellent 20-25 hour game, that just drags on for another 10 to 15 hours bringing the whole game down as a result.

Red Dead Redemption. A good game that for some reason a lot of people see as a masterpiece. It took me ages to finish the game as I just repeatedly got bored playing it as I felt like it just kept going forever.

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Bravely Default
Rome Total War
Bravely Default
Dragon Age Inquisition
Bravely Default
Skyward Sword (least guilty of this list in my mind but still notable)
Bravely Default
Metroid Prime 2

And did I mention Bravely Default? Because that's the worst of the lot by a thousand country miles. It's 2/3s of a great game sellotaped to an absolutely dreadful one. The final length of the game is a void, where nothing happens and nothing matters. And then the game just picks up at the final boss! The game has an AMAZING wham moment and then...nothing. Just nothing, a blackhole of a plot where the whole story just ceases to be for several hours and the mandatory bosses STOP GIVING YOU F***ING XP and then the game just resumes and all the characters talk in the final act as if the last several HOURS of the game never happened. It's like the game was finished and fantastic but they felt the need to stuff in several hours of quite literally nothing to pad the lenght. And the worst part? That segment had immense potential to be amusing, moving, mind-screwing, all kinds of potential. And wasted, ignored, with only the most limp of attempts to capitalize. It is, as far as I can recall, the only game I truly enjoyed thoroughly and put scores of hours into only to throw my hands up in frustration and watch the ending on YouTube.

Kingdoms of Amalur for me, I actually really got into the game and was unfortunately ensnared by it's laundry list of gltiches and bugs almost as soon as I started, a lot of them I didn't even realise were issues, for instance the one where when you entered a city/significant location the camera would do this 30 second take of the lcoation, just thought it was an annoying quirk on the devs part. I also got the fast travel glitch, meaning that i had to walk everywhere from then on, I quietly put the game to one side and never returned shortly after, the glitches finally bested me.

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SvennoJ said:
The witcher 3 for me. I should have focused more on the story, by the end I didn't care at all about the story anymore due to all the padded on busy work. Loot/inventory management, repetitive events, locations and enemies, it all started to drag. Before that GTA5. I enjoyed the story mode better in GTA4. GTA5 lost its welcome in the 3rd act. Also linear games can drag on too long, Rise of the tombraider for example and Uncharted 4 the last couple of levels were just a lot of boring gun fights.

It's not that the length is a problem, I didn't have any issues with Far Cry 4 or Fallout 4 (finished all endings, while building huge settlements) nor Zelda (170 hours) or Horizon Zero Dawn (80 hours) Some games remain interesting longer than others.

I still have MGS5 in my backlog, bought day 1, unopened :/
Bristow9091 said:
The Witcher 3, I'm playing it right this second, currently at 88 hours into the game, still have a lot more to do in terms of story... don't get me wrong, I'm having fun playing it, and it's a really great game, I see why people love it and why it got great scores and sales, but holy shit it's dragging on and on and on... I just want to finish it so I can move on to other games in my backlog!                                     

Didn't mention it before but i'm playing the Witcher 3 now and I see feel the same way. I've decided to stay away from side quests until I beat the main campaign before I burn out. Thank god i'm almost finished. Fun game though.

Mar1217 said:
Cloudman said:

Yeah, that's a great example actually. I remember that 2nd half killing what was otherwise an excellently made classic feeling JRPG. It's a game I have mixed feelings about everytime I'm reminded of it...

Still glad I jumped off the first game to go and play the 2nd game instead, none of that bullshit there :D

Well thats good to hear. I'll get to that one eventually.



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Most modern single player games are dragged out.

Mad Max was the worst offender I played in recent years that I enjoyed (well... enjoyed for the first 20 hours).