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I've never gamed in public, well not since the good old Pokemon days on GameBoy and of course Pokemon Go. The closest i get is gaming in the car on long trips... No I'm not the one driving before you ask.

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The first time I played the Switch was actually on a train, as I planned to visit my parents that weekend but didn't want to miss out on Zelda. I do play it on train, if I get a seat to kill time. I played it also on the tram (now riding bike again to work, no chance to play while riding bycicle). I see sometimes people playing 3DS on the tram, and did that too. Overall, I have the 3DS more often with me, because of Streetpass and being more secure by closing it (no screen to the outside). But I do take the Switch with me, if I commute for a longer time or otherwise see the chance to play it. Hotel room works well to, but this is not exactly public.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I live in Potsdam, germany.

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Just today i was playing my Switch on the train, and heard like two middle-age people talk about it. One asked what it was, and the other knew the name immediatly and that it had a dock for TV.

Nintendo is doing the marketing on a new level for them, i think.

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Interesting reports so far to me.
I really wonder how much people play in public, to be honest, and I am sure that if I would do it, I would miss some train stops while I'm transported to a different world (depends on the game and genre, of course).
Playing an RPG would cause me a lot of trouble regarding appointments :) How do you keep track of where you currently are so to not miss your station?

Stefan.De.Machtige said:
Just today i was playing my Switch on the train, and heard like two middle-age people talk about it. One asked what it was, and the other knew the name immediatly and that it had a dock for TV.

Nintendo is doing the marketing on a new level for them, i think.

Nintendo also done something very different if you look at other handhelds out there, if you look at all these systems right here

All of them have one thing in common which the Switch doesn't, damn names on the front, facing the user, it's great if you happen to forget the name of the system I guess... but if someone is watching you outside they don't know what you're holding unless they already know the device.... but Nintendo.

Evil bastards

Making us hold up their advertising for the world to see as we enjoy the machine, not a single Nintendo name or mention on the face of the console, it's all on the back for the world to see.

It's the small things which will get the name out there as a thing that people are playing.

Bonus nerd points if anyone recognises the Nacelle in this shot haha

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Take my Switch to work and play it at lunch every day. The short play time is perfect for korok seed searching and cooking meals to use later on that evening.


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I used to take my Vita and 3DS to work when I did night shifts, but when I came off them I stopped taking them to work with me, other than that the only time I play them out of the house is on long car or train journeys, need something to distract me and it gets rid of the travel sickness lol :P

It's very rare to see other people on handhelds in public though, the last one I saw was someone playing on their brand new Switch last month on the train, before that was probably a few weeks to a month beforehand, some guy was sat behind us on the train playing Mario Kart 7, lol.

I only ever see people with handhelds, typically 3DS, at airports. Never really see them out on the streets or in malls etc. I travel regularly for work, so I see them often. Haven't seen a switch yet, despite going on 3 trips in the past month.

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Places I have used Nintendo Switch outdoors so far:

At the Park a few blocks from my house
Walking my dog around my neighborhood
Walking my dog around my parent's neighborhood
At the Bowling Alley during my Monday Night League
At the Movie Theater before the movie starts
On the NYC Subway after seeing a Mets game this past weekend

I haven't seen any other Switches in the wild yet, but my friend's son always brings his 3DS to the bowling alley.
Before getting the Switch, I used to bring my 3DS to all the same places mentioned above. The 3DS camera got a heavy amount of use as well as the games. I used to use it for taking pictures and posting to facebook more than my iphone. I have something like 3,000+ pictures and 100+ videos on my 3DS taken from December 2011 through 2017, and those are just the ones that weren't copied to my computer to make room for more.

I never see people playing handhelds in the wild.

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