My Nintendo Switch games that I'm most excited for! (Number 1 is not Breath of the Wild)

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axumblade said:
Xxain said:

Does this all the time.


I pretty pumped for Mario and Bombeman R 

My 3 most hyped games are Mario, Bomberman and Zelda. :)

Guess we have similar taste ^^

DarthMetalliCube said:
It was pretty much a wash for Zelda: BoW and Super Mario Odyssey, but once I saw this insanely deep analysis of Mario, it easily takes the cake now. This seriously looks like one of the most epic platforming games I've seen, Mario or otherwise. I normally am not as into 3D platformers these days, but this might win be back.


I'm also really excited to check out Octopath, even though we've only seen a brief trailer, I just love the art style. Very retro SNES JRPG, but with a sort of modern flare.

Silicon Studio really makes the best old-school JRPG or Final Fantasy-esque games on the market huh :)

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Zelda, Disgaea 5, Mario Kart, and Splatoon. Then I shall bide my time till the inevitable Hyrule Warriors Deluxe.

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I counted at least 13 games im excited on switch.
And MK8 and zelda are not included cos i considered to get on wii U

Zelda wouldn't even make my top 100 list of games I want on Switch. I'm just not interested in it

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Why would it be a shocker if someone's most anticipated game for Switch isn't Zelda? The system has more than one beastly game, after all.

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Good. No 1,2,Switch anywhere in this lost.

I was actually expecting Mario Odyssey to be number 1.

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No Disgaea no list.

I already knew you made this thread just by reading the title.

All i'm really excited for is a new Mario Party 11 where you just need 2 sets of Joycons for 4 players and then i'll be one happy NS owner.