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Yep, that's why i avoided The Witcher 3 vanilla because i'm too late for party, so instead.. i bought the complete edition, it has everything on disc ready & download final patch only 65mb, no codes no bs.

Oh yeah, Doom 2016 devoured my HDD a bit *sniff* 12gb patch.

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Wait for the remasters, the remaster of the remasters, the complete and the definitive editions.

The concept of instantaneous entertainment is being applied everywhere to every form of every media except video games, and it's been only getting worse.

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Captain_Yuri said:
I think it makes more sense to buy digital cause of the play anywhere thing

Thought that was what this thread was about :-3

Enters thread and sees the thread isn't about what it appears to be about. Its just a rant about one particular (HUGE) game from someone that STILL calls Microsoft M$.

I'm not really here!

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kowenicki said:
Enters thread and sees the thread isn't about what it appears to be about. Its just a rant about one particular (HUGE) game from someone that STILL calls Microsoft M$.

Not only that but that huge update for halo 5 is the result of 9 free dlc updates since launch.

Also since he asked - Odst is only free to people who bought MCC within a certain time span and they had to redeem it in time as well. 

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Knitemare said:
smroadkill15 said:
Buying a physical copy of a game is still faster to download than digital so I don't understand what your getting at. The download would take even longer if you bought it as a digital title.

Halo 5 has had amazing post launch support. Each month they've added new content to the game for free, and they still are. A new update is releasing tomorrow actually with new maps, modes, weapons, skins, features, etc. So yeah, it does suck you have to download a 41GB update, but would you rather spend money on each DLC released or wait awhile to download the full game? I would pick the later.

I also advise to buy an external harddrive. It's nice not having to worry about storage. My 5TB harddrive cost $120, not a bad price. Plus it can be used for a number of other devices as well.

Btw this isn't just an Xbox One issue. PS4 and PC have to download huge updates as well. Some larger than others. MS just has really done a great job with most of their 1st party games as far as post-content support goes, Halo in particular.

What I mean is this... The witcher 3 was a 35 GB download for the Full Game... (for PC). Now, If I buy a physical copy its because I dont want to wait for the download, and as the PS4, it should ask you if you want to download or if you want to play it as it is, as I wanted today. So I wonder, I am downloading a totally new game from scratch? Or was the original game full of glitches and errors that it had to have a 41 GB update (I know itll have new things and stuff). If only I could see the total amount of data in the blu ray... I bet its less than 41 GB... totally nonsense IMO

Every game on both the Xbox one and Ps4 require the game to be installed, even if you buy the disc version. I own the disc version of Witcher 3, and it requires to be installed, plus every update since release. As for Halo 5, 46.2GB was on the disc itself. There was a 9GB day 1 patch. So day 1 the game was a 54.8GB. Since then there has been a steady stream of updates ranging from 2-6 GB each month. It adds up. 

I found pretty much the same. Only have a handful of games but can't have much installed as summer games are knocking on 80gb once they're updated. Don't have the internet problem, but really dislike the fact it can take an hour to install a game off a disc.

Not gonna lie, really enjoyed it once I got going though.

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Mr Puggsly said:
VGPolyglot said:

Street Fighter V had at least 20GB from what I remember.

This is one of the best examples because it was released as an incomplete game. I hear No Man's Sky has problems without the day one patch as well.

Anywho, you're generally playing inferior products if you don't have access to updates on either X1 or PS4. Its really hurting the value of physical copies.

No it's a better example of Capcom's terrible content delivery system. When there is a major update for SFV, you essentially have to download the entire game plus the additional content -_-

Sony doesn't have an issue with this because they installed some chip that lets you play games very quickly (at least some of the game and only single player. While your playing the rest of the game is installed. MS didn't install this feature which is what is causing the issue for them. I wonder if they added this feature to the new scorpio. If MS is smart they did.

I only buy physical games , I love seeing my games collection. And will always be that way for me