XCOM 2 is OUT NOW!! You excited?

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I am so hyped!


I loved the XCOM reboot so much, XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012). It wasn't as complex as the original games, but I never played them really because they were too hard lol, so maybe that's a good thing.

This time we don't have the console boys with us - but as the game didn't sell well on consoles, I wonder if anyone of them cares?

I have the Digital Deluxe edition pre-ordered, and it includes the "Reinforcement pack", which I admit I don't know what it is (is it a day one DLC or some kind of season pass?). I have tried to avoid gameplay videos and info articles to avoid spoilers. Want to experience the game as blind as possible.

So what do you feel?

EDIT: Been playing for a couple of hours now, and it feels awesome. Started on Commander difficulty which seems really challenging.
Also nice to see that despite the time and day of week, the concurrent user number on Steam is high, 57,248 now at 07:50 AM in central Europe. That will probably rise to +100,000 on Friday evening, which means around 250,000 copies sold in the first day including pre-order numbers (I've studied this for a time now and typically with early stats, the first few days after a game has been released, the sales number is roughly 2.5-3 x the highest concurrent player number).

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i would be if it was coming to ps4.

..you won't find too much excitement here as most are console focused not pc focused. should be a good game though.

I won't get it at launch but I will get it soon. I'm not done with Fallout 4 yet.

The previous XCOM was fun. It had a few flaws and battles got kind of stale toward the end but it was still very enjoyable. The new game looks less shallow, which is good.

I look forward to playing it.

Very excited.

It's my birthday tomorrow. I'll probably pick it up this month as a late birthday present.

I'm really excited. I rarely buy a game at full price on PC, but I'm just too hyped for this game.

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I guess I would be if it was coming to the PS4. I liked XCOM: Enemy unknown even though it was super buggy. The series has alot of potential.

Worth noting too that it's reviewing exceptionally well.


Carl2291 said:
Very excited.

It's my birthday tomorrow. I'll probably pick it up this month as a late birthday present.


Well, happy birthday then.

Kind of excited. Gonna have to wait to buy it thought. Too many games I want releasing at the moment

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I'm super excited since I saw Angry Joe preview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVw-QOU06WU