I'm buying a PS3 soon. Slim or Super Slim?

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Super Slim, but that's just me since I have a penchant for non slot disc drives...

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    Get the big fat version it weighs that much no burglars would be able to lift it! Super secure.

    Slim version
    If you can find a j model great but not
    Go with the k model its great




    Super slim will be more dependable in the long run because it's a top loading system. It's only a matter of time before motorized drives fail like the ones used in the original Slim. So if that matters to you, I'd get a super slim.

    So... anyone recommending the Slim?


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    OneKartVita said:
    Are there any stats on which is the most reliable?


    There are stats everywhere about top loading vs. mechanical drives and it's universially accepted that top loaders will always outlast their inferior mechanical brothers. It's not even close.

    I'd go for the slim; in my experience they seem quieter, freeze less and are a superior build quality.

    The super slim loads from the top and the slim loads from the front. Which is more convenient for your set up?


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    if i were you i would buy the Super Slim model 500GB (CECH-4301C, last model). Bigger HDD, less power consumption, more reliable and less weight.

    I think all ps3 models look ugly as fk, so get the one you find the cheapest I guess? I have the slim and it's not really noisy unless you have it closed and at high temperatures.
    About games, there are just so many to explore. I like Demon's Souls for example, Ni no kuni, dragons dogma, etc etc. I'm sure you'll find a lot and very cheap games (retail and digital alike.)

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