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Your professional score?

1 15 6.12%
2 7 2.86%
3 12 4.90%
4 15 6.12%
5 34 13.88%
6 50 20.41%
7 52 21.22%
8 35 14.29%
9 14 5.71%
10??? 11 4.49%

With Q1 2015 approaching its end... do the critic thing and slap a number on it.

Take into account all platforms, not just the one you own.

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Not enough RPGs and new IPs yet, but there has been a decent number of good to great games. Think the gen will look far better by the end of this year, despite some high profile delays already.

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6/10 seems fair.

Some really good games so far, but it's still early. See what happens from here on out, there's already been enough to get at least a 5 or 6 though regardless of what happens.

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6/10. Delayed, broken and overhyped games galore. But still a fair bit of fun has been had - Titanfall was fun until you maxed out, Minecraft is fun as ever for me and I even got fun out of Destiny. Plus Battlefield 4 was fun when it worked too.
In terms of sales, it would be a 2. One console failing completely, one console only stable due to mass price cuts, and one console selling like a monster for no real reason whatsoever (IMO).

Lol, no professional score here, but I'd say 6.5/10

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6/10, 3DS saves it from being a 2/10 imo.