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The start of 2015 is starting to look a lot like the start of 2014 (which looked a lot like the start of 2013) where the late winter early spring release schedule for Wii U games is sparse. 

Who are we laying blame for this predicament this year?

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Who else than Nintendo can we blame...?

The consumer, for not purchasing third party games like ZombiU. Had there been more support, we could see things like Resident Evil HD or such on WiiU as well to fight the drought.

I'm gonna wait until the next direct to put blame anywhere. We have a ton of titles without any release dates.

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Nintendo is to blame. Cant really blame anyone else.

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Well, we should have like 2 titles in Q1 2015 so Its already looking better than 2014 imo


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There's really NO reason there should be a drought this year. There's no excuse. If there is then there is no to blame but Nintendo for their crappy scheduling

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Nintendo obviously is to blame. They're first party studios can only make so many games. They haven't aquired any other studios. And of course, virtually no third party publisher wants to work with them for reasons we can only speculate.


Since when has the first quarter been a big one for game releases?

We have a ton of games announced for this year, all without release date. Wait for a Nintendo Direct before trying to blame someone.

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