Interstellar.... OMG. go watch the movie NOW. *SPOILERS INSIDE*

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My lady and I went and seen it, was a great movie, the lady cried at least 3 times.

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While pure entertainment...the movie is pure nonsense...

silentdj151 said:
While pure entertainment...the movie is pure nonsense...


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OMG.. why the f was this move so long?


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NiKKoM said:
OMG.. why the f was this move so long?

A lot happened in the movie. I'm glad they didn't cut corners

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I saw Interstellar on the weekend, man it sucked. So many plot holes, physics fails and scenes and story that was excessively dragged out. Reminded me of Gravity (but not 'quite' as bad). It seems they took multiple movie plots and slammed them together without much thought to how it would work.

Just saw it, in IMAX for the best experience, this movie is a pure master piece.

The songs, the acting , everything is so excellent in this movie.

I litteraly cried when he was watching the videos sent after 20 years, with that beautiful music behind and that incredible acting ( this guy is so talented).

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Took a while to start up but once it did it was great

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I think it's one of the better mainstream big budget Hollywood films of the last 10 years.

Yes you can nit pick the details to death, but at least it attempts to go to places that most mainstream movies wouldn't even dare to.

It has the opposite problem of Gravity ... there's not enough "movie" in Gravity to fill a 2 hour run time. Interstellar has too much "movie" in it, it could easily be two films, maybe even three. 

I'd much rather watch this than drek like Transformers or even the 10,000th superhero film (like seriously I like superheroes, but how about something different now and again?) or even Avatar (Pocahontas redux).