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Maybe one day I'll get a powerhouse PC rig, maybe when 4k is more standardized and when I have a steady source of income.

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This was already one of the best looking games I've ever seen on Xbone at 900p/30fps, so the PC version should be truly spectacular.

Eddie_Raja said:
CGI-Quality said:

BF4 has plenty of low-res textures. Last Light actually uses a rare mix for its textures, and the result, to me, is unmatched.

Every game (Unfortunately) has a bad texture pop up every now and then.  However the grand majority of BF4's textures are unmatched by nearly any game.  On the other hand MLL's majority of textures look no better (or worse) than M2033.  Some of them look absolutely god awful too, which should never happen in a single-player game with such above average graphics in every other department.

Also BF4's particle effects are only beaten by InFamous:SS imo.  PLEASE PLEASE do not bring up the lame popcorn that appears everywhere with PhysX on.

We'll just have to disagree on this one, because I never saw any "God awful textures" in either game (and Battlefield 4's textures were NOT EVER unmatched). I don't even believe they used tessellation on the envirnomental stuff, unlike Metro. My screens:


Some low res textures, here and there, yep (again, BF4 has plenty of them), but "God awful"? Nope. At no area in the game did I see anything like that.



Some damn fine looking textures here, no doubt, but to me, it's hyperbolic to call them "unmatched". Last Light was actually praised for its texture work, in fact (quite a bit of the reviews pointed them out). Can't say I heard the same for Battlefield 4.


S.T.A.G.E. said:
The real question is who gives a shit? Crytek should've made this game for PC in the first place. They only know how to serve graphics whores and have very little creativity towards creating brilliant gameplay.

S.T.A.G.E., my friend, as I said earlier - this isn't a thread about game-play. Those who "don't give a shit" shouldn't come in here. This is for people that do and have rigs capable of running it.

We can talk about game-play else where.


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The whole on-rails off-rails thing is a bit overblown. As long as you can actually walk around, and you aren't actually forced to go on one set path, you're not on rails (even if it's just a corridor).

And my rig is ready:

i5 4690k
Nvidia GTX 970

CGI-Quality said:


You had me at this picture.  That looks amazing!

Kinda dissapointed that my PC would have beasted the 4K recommended specs.. BEFORE i upgraded it.

the-pi-guy said:
CGI-Quality said:


You had me at this picture.  That looks amazing!

I can't stress it enough - Last Light maxed, 99% of the time, looks amazing! The way the overlayed textures + tessellation is something no other game has done, and it shows. The tech really batters your GPU!


what make 4k tv's ya'll got


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