Do The People That Bought A Xbox One Feel Ripped Off After All The Price-Cuts, Fire Sales, And Exclusive Content/Games For The PS4?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do The People That Bought A Xbox One Feel Ripped Off After All The Price-Cuts, Fire Sales, And Exclusive Content/Games For The PS4?

What price cuts, lol? Is this a joke or are you trolling? The price-cuts were all unannounced in the US and have been hidden by bundles and according to Microsoft "retailer promotions". The bundles they announced for the holidays are all price-cuts, Titanfall bundle, Xbox One 449.99 retail deal, free game promotion etc.

These are a few of the price-cuts. They were unannounced because it saves Microsoft the embarrassment.

Also, If you have an agenda, please stay out of my topic. Thanks

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Nobody should feel ripped off, and if they do it's nobody's fault but their own. MS didn't force anyone to buy the console at launch.

A fire sale? the Xbone didn't get discounted...... so that's an incorrect term to use. Anyway I didn't buy mine at launch, bought it in February and it was still 500 for mine. I don't feel ripped off at all, of course if I had waited until today to buy one I could of got a free game with it, but that's only 60 measly bucks. I'd rather have had my xbone for the past 7 months than just an extra game.

I don't know what to make out of this one.

Nope not at all! My Xbox One is awesome! Worth every penny. I own all three. Playing Last of Us Remastered on my PS4 and Diablo, Watchdogs on my X1. Sadly my Wii U is just sitting there collecting dust :(


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NightDragon83 said:
What price cuts / fire sales? There's been a Kinect-less SKU released for $100 less (whereas Kinect standalone retails for $150 separately). The X1 would have launched at $399 anyway without Kinect. And those "fire sales" you're referring to are a couple of bundles that offered "free" downloadable-only copies of games like Titanfall and Madden, and the latest promotion is that you get a $60 game with X1 purchase until Sept 13th. Back in the day we used to call these "pack-in" games. Now all of a sudden including a game with the purchase of a console is the equivalent to a "fire sale".

But you're right in that X1 is going to have a tough time competing with all the PS4 "exclusives" this holiday... like Destiny. No wait, um, COD. No that's not it... wait what's PS4's big exclusive title this holiday season again?

I think this adequately sums up this thread's failings.

The whole thing feels like flame bait.

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Haven't bought one, but haven't seen much in the way of general outrage on the Internet; there was some irritation when the Kinectless SKU was first announced, of course, mostly from folks who didn't want the thing, but bought the console because they believed Microsoft when they said 'Nope! Integral part. We're not separating em.' And there's been a very small backlash from folks who bought the Madden bundle on its release, only to find out they could have waited and gotten a bonus game.

But overall I think most folks are pretty cool with it. Few were expecting quite this many deals, quite so early in the lifespan, but given the sales compared to its competitor, I think even those who do feel a bit miffed understand.

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Yes but that's a risk all people take when they get consoles at launch. If I had bought an X1 at launch though, I personally would be a little disappointed.


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Well, that always happens when you buy systems at launch boy. Sooner or later the company is going to drop the price or to offer better bundles. That's how this industry works. Basically you're paying to play the system sooner that other people.