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I'm so so glad they didn't use Mario. He is way overused. Actually the fact they even disussed using Mario is a little concerning, at least they made the right choice though

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
Well, even though I love Splatoon as its own IP, I think Mario would have sold more

Sad but true.

People want new IPs from Nintendo.

->People dont buy new IPs

->Nintendo uses Mario for a new game

->People hate on Nintendo for not making new IPs

.....eternal cycle of hate

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On one hand I'm happy that they are working on an unique new IP, but on the other hand I'm upset that it won't sell that much simply because it's not a Mario game..

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So splatoon could have been the same concept with a different skin, this kinda tells you how pointless the "new IP" obsession is.

Where are you getting the "Splatoon won't sell as much" speculations.

Sure, having a well known brand name like Mario helps but the hype of a new IP has its own advantages as well.

The amount of fanart produced for Splatoon based only on a single appearance at E3 is stunning. It has the potential to be Nintendo's next big franchise.

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no vision as usual.

im sure it still will be a good game but the reasoning is.... derp dee doo


Damned if you do, damned if you don't, it seems. I'm glad they chose not to use Mario, though, and risked establishing a different identity for the game. I just hope people are receptive to it.

I think it would be neat if they had maybe a Mario-based stage or DLC/amiibo support.

It just kinda seems to be crying out for a Mario Sunshine FLUDD based arena or something.

good, otherwise there would be having problems for ssb5

i think thats pretty obvious? is there something that i am missing?