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"Coming" 2014.

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I don't know what's scarier; the fact that this is finally possible and exists or the fact that someone was actually willing to demo it in a public place whilst simultaneously knowingly being filmed with the full intention of uploading it to youtube where the potential exists for billions of people to view over and over again how much of a pervert this one guy is.

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People need to stop using the word "fanboy" in arguments. It makes you, and all gamers, look bad.

The "hottest" christmas gift of 2013 and every following years.

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Lol he clearly is a virgin.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Preordered it

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I never saw this

Carl2291 said:

This GIF has never been more apt.

.... my brain does not know how to respond to this. .

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Next-gen is finally here. This is TRUE innovation