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the 3DS and vita will being raping it

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ethomaz said:

You can do remote play with Shield plus PC... run a game in PC with GeForce and stream it to Shield.

Almost a Wii U for PC.

That would be insane though but why would anyone want to do that....if they have a monitor with a nice resolution already o.O?


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It looks like a 360 controller with a screen.

kain_kusanagi said:
I'd be excited if it wasn't just an Android device like the one I already have. I'm sure it will kick ass, but even with a controller none of my Android games can compare to my 3DS games.

The problem will all the new Android gaming consoles/handhelds is that they are limited by the lowest common denominator. Mobile gaming developers have to make their games work on a Galaxy S, Galaxy SIII, and everything in-between.

That's why Android and iOS games will never be able to compete with closed single run dedicated consoles.

I'll play Angry Birds on the go when I don't want to hall around more than one device and I'll enjoy Zelda OoT 3D when I want a real game.

There are a few games that stand out that we're developed for high end smartphones shut being watered down, but for the most part, you are right. 

I don't see the market for this thing. It's basically an android tablet with a controller attached. It's aiming for the space between the dedicated gaming systems like the Vita and the 3DS, and the smartphones/tablets that also run games. That space is very small. Who will make games for this that aren't available anywhere else?  What other features set it apart?

This might take some sales from other generic tablets. Other than that...

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And this will have no impact on the 3DS and Vita.

Looks terrible


So how much does it cost?

AgentZorn said:
So how much does it cost?

The exact same question I was asking.  It's a pretty big deal how much this thing will cost.