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    How will Ghost In The Shell fit Hollywood?

    in Movies Discussion on 30 November 2016

    I have a very strong feeling that any of the subtle nuances of Ghost in the Shell will be completely lost in the new movie in order to make it accessible to as wide of an audience as possible....

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    So, I just finished FFXV's story (23 hours in)

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 November 2016

    Normally i wouldn't have a problem with a game that long but put into context that it took 10 years to get this released it does seem underwhelming. Still there are parts of the game you probably have not explored and trying to 100% will lead to double that time. Fr the amount of time that FFXV took to release i expect that there will be no glaring design flaws or low points....

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    My Big Butt.

    in General Discussion on 27 November 2016

    Whats the tattoo on your arm?...

    Write 41

    New content is dead

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 November 2016

    Most of the new, interesting stuff is coming from the indie scene. That is why I half way through the geen i have just been focusing on indie titles ignoring what ever has been spat out by the AAA market....

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    The Last Guardian – CG Cinematic Trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 18 November 2016

    I find it jarring that the kid looks rather cartoony while everything else looks more realistic. ...

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    Laura Kate Dale: Ubisoft Developing Rabbids & Mario Crossover RPG For Switch Launch Day

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 November 2016

    People are already pissed at the huge focus on Toads in the last two Paper Mario games. I dont think introducing something as annoying as rabbids will help that....

    Write 16

    Putin says Russia ready to fully restore ties with U.S

    in Politics Discussion on 09 November 2016

    Bit worried that Putin will end up manipulating Trump....

    Write 414

    The Next President Of The United States Is Donald J Trump

    in Politics Discussion on 09 November 2016

    Mr_No said: He won, so there's that. Let's see what will he get done eventually, and if the people who voted for him likes it. I heard some supporters saying that they would still support Trump even if he does not get anything he promised done. ...

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    Hasn't even been an hour and I noticed a worrying observation

    in General Discussion on 09 November 2016

    What I am more interested in is how this will effect the GOP. I worry that the GOP will now ignore minorities and completely focus on the white vote....

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    The Next President Of The United States Is Donald J Trump

    in Politics Discussion on 09 November 2016

    House, Senate and even the Court will be under Republican control. If the GOP fucks up then they no one to blame....

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    Ubisoft Developing An Unannounced Title For Nintendo Switch That Will "Surprise" Us!

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 November 2016

    Is the surprise the game getting delayed? ...

    Write 87

    Introducing the "Rescue Squad" (Paper Mario Colour Splash)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 August 2016

    Reminded me of Wonderful 101....

    Write 21

    Rumor: Pokémon Sun/Moon Starters Final Evolution leak(Possible Spoilers)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2016

    the "confidential" makes me think its fake. I don't think i have seen official leaks that have the words "confidential" or "top secret" in them....

    Write 26

    'Power Rangers' Reboot Will Be A 'Dark Knight'-Like Reimagining.

    in Movies Discussion on 07 July 2016

    This sounds like a disaster. I dont think people wanted grit and teenage drama....

    Write 51

    The voice is awful.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2016

    The voice actress sounded like she needed a glass of water....

    Write 124

    God of war is ruined (opinion)

    in Sony Discussion on 14 June 2016

    I feel like this should have been its own thing. Right now it feels like a different game with Kratos slapped on it....

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    Microsoft Vetoed A Black Woman On Cover For Fable II

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 May 2016

    Soundwave said: Lawlight said: Always about black and white characters. Always. Pretty sure from the sound of it MS would've vetoed Chinese/Japanese/Latino/Indian/etc. too. True, but whenever there is an issue with ethnic diversity within media it often boils down to the black and white character ratio while those in the middle dont get as much attention....

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    Call of Duty Infinitive Warfare Most Disliked Gaming Video on Youtube!(1m Dislikes)

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2016

    So wait people are slamming this version of CoD because is not in a modern setting?...

    Write 73

    Can the PS4 keep its 50% Market Share even if the NX is included?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2016

    I believe that the PS4 will maintain 50%+. The PS4 is extremely popular this gen and I don't see it declining anytime soon. I doubt the NX will be very successful due to some very questionable decisions that Nintendo has made. However if Nintendo really pushes the NX there is a chance that the the PS4 market share will dip below 50% but not by much....

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    Nintendo of America put a lot of effort to censor a cleavage in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 May 2016

    These changes are probably a result of Atlus trying to get a T rating. Honestly something as small as cleavage can probably bump up the game rating. I remember rading an interview with Sakurai over how Smash 4 almost didn't make its schedule release date because of rating issues. Apparently it was because of Palutena and Wonder Pink trophy. ...

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