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In a bizarre turn of event, Nintendo are now offering the WiiU: Creamium package which will features profiteroles (cream puffs). Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, tried to ‘whip up’ some excitement for the surprising package with this announcement, “From today we are releasing Super Profiterole Land to coincide with the launch. The games will feature a chocolate covered, cream filled pastry ball dressed up as a plumber that smashes its head against floating blocks.” When asked if they regurgitating old ideas he replied “I can’t see how you came to that conclusion”.  

The package includes WiiU console and a 12 profiteroles designed WiiU pad.(Pictured below)

You can also buy the WiiU: Premium Creamium package which includes an extra jug of chocolate sauce.(Pictured below)

There are rumours that there was some confusion between the R&D staff and Satoru Iwata's request to get WiiU peripherals ready for Christmas in which they confused the word peripheral with profiterole. When we asked Iwata about the entire R&D staff being fireded shorty before the Creamium reveal he gave a stern reply, “No no no no, peripherals – profiteroles, I know the english speakings.” He then ran off screaming “I am Mr Iwata! I am Nintendo! Mwahahahahahaha!”

Edit: There are reports that the controller lasts 30 minutes before it has to be returned to the fridge to keep the creamy controller fresh.


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I must have missed the joke.

Bwahahaha! 32 flavors of wiiU.

hahaha, sensational XD

I've seen lots of joke articles lately, I am not sure if my calendar is wrong or people just don't give a damn when to make an April fools joke anymore.

or they were drunk because of the holidays.

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No this is not a fool joke pullus. This is real. In america we love ice cream. It is like hummus in some countries.

spurgeonryan said:
No this is not a fool joke pullus. This is real. In america we love ice cream. It is like hummus in some countries.

@bold. Hey, don't make fun of Koreans like that.

you had me a creamium.


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Damn that was so funny, wow.