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Why do Japanese gamers prefer 3DS over PS-Vita?

Base hardware price dispa... 10 5.81%
Uses standard SDHC memory... 6 3.49%
Smaller size of base hard... 1 0.58%
Flip screen design makes ... 2 1.16%
StreetPass feature encour... 5 2.91%
Mario and other Nintendo ... 65 37.79%
Local Wifi multiplayer su... 2 1.16%
It's all about whomever ... 35 20.35%
Something else: Explained in Comments 9 5.23%
Just show me results 37 21.51%

In Japan the portable is more important gaming device than the home console.

The 3DS over Vita is clearly a decision that gamers in Japan are making so why are they choosing the 3DS over the Vita?

Is it the size? That was a theory for a little bit but isn't the 3DS XL also selling well in Japan?

Is it the flip screen? I know I feel more comfortable sticking the 3DS in my pocket to take on the go over the PS-Vita because of this simple fact. The thumbsticks of PS-Vita also get stuck on my clothing sometimes.

Is it the appeal of StreetPass? I both like and dislike StreetPass but it is always fun to get more random connections with strangers. The Mii's have always been more appealing than spotting someone's picture based avatar and username.

Is Near using Wifi and 3G network to "connect" with other gamers missing the point of why StreetPass is so successful? The most recent update seems to have taken out the unified friend activity list while making some other things better. The PS-Vita almost had MiiVerse but I don't see anybody really participating on it within the "game" specific communities.

Is it the proprietary expensive memory card and people sick of Sony jamming such things down their through when perfectly suitable alternatives exist in the form of cheaper SDHC or SDXC cards?

Is it just too expensive? Aside from added cost of the memory card, I just don't buy this one myself because with some of the promotions/deals Sony is running at least more recently, they basically charging $200 or less for it. Do they not have similar deals in Japan?

Is it poorly marketted? I think this is one of the key problems. Games that would/should move PS-Vita units just aren't given attention by Sony marketing while they spend all their efforts advertizing games with better versions available on the home console.

Is it really just lack of appealing software? I don't buy this one... sure it doesn't have Mario and other Nintendo franchises, but otherwise it seems to have a pretty decent library. The problem seems to be Sony is spending the marketing/promotion dollars on the worst games on the system like CoD Black Ops Declassified instead of something like Persona 4 Golden.

Something else?

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I think it's a large combination of things, but part of the reason why is because of things like Monster Hunter, Mario, the folding system being way more portable, the 3DS being smaller in general (3DS XL sales are still quite low in comparison to the regular). Streetpass is easier in Japan as well

Because all of Japan's biggest gaming franchises are on the 3DS and none of them are on the Vita.

Love and tolerate.

Is this a serious question?

Everything you said, with an emphasis on Mario, MonHun, and the price.

Honestly, I can't think of a reason for Japanese gamers in general to prefer the Vita. Of course an individual might choose it because of a certain game or two, but for the most part the 3DS is just a way better deal for them.

Because it turns out that Japanese gamers like games. Who knew?

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Holy hell, why is this even a question? The 3DS has Monster Hunter and is cheaper. The Vita has no Monster Hunter and is expensive. You got your answer now?

Because it has far better games.

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Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest + a stronger library overall.

I don't think it's anything to do with the hardware, or price for that matter.

3DS has Mario, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Dragon Quest. The handheld holy... pentinity.!

Vita just has bugger all at the moment.

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