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WiiU will get Angry Birds I am almost certain of it. Nintendo is aggressively pursuing third parties and the biggest ones especially online titles. Nintendo wants to be a serious contender online this generation and they are going in a different direction then MS and Sony Nintendo is going for an open and free online system giving developers control. This will help Nintendo immensely as developers and publishers are always complaining about Sony and Microsoft's restrictions.

But online Nintendo will have as many killer apps as possible. Plants VS Zombies, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds are all very likely to be on Nintendo online store within the launch window. Nintendo is investing a fortune in getting internal downloadable games as well.

Lastly Miyamoto was all about pick up and play. He isn't about epic 2-hour missions and 200+ hour games he's not even as big about games that require an hour at a time. Angry Birds can be picked up for five minutes of game play at a time or as much as a few hours. Something Miyamoto strives for it even features animal characters and a fantasy kingdom another thing Miyamoto loves.

Nintendo wants any of the quality mobile titles it can get on WiiU. We know Nintendo is probably investing in making sure the WiiU versions are also unique maybe built from the ground up. Nintendo knows how important they are. Nintendo's goal is likely to convince parents to buy their children the game on their WiiU instead of lending the child their 500$ I-pad or risking their I-Phone. Its a brilliant move!


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When angry bird creator said DS cartidge is piece of plastic.... Miyamoto just say what he really feel about angry bird.

I think mostly everyone plays the game once for a few minutes, and then never plays it again.

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I'd praise a game that sells 400 million units too.

Angry Birds has sold about 200 million units (at $1 apiece), and then been downloaded 400 million times for free on Android. 

It has surpassed 700 million downloads in March (not including angry birds space so the real number could be around 750 million by now)  Also not all versions are 1$,  Ipad/android version is around 2-3$, pc retail 4,99$ and the Mac version is even 4,99$ 


Wow I was waaaay off, I wonder how much they make per sale on the free version, because of the ads.

1 million bucks a month according to wikipedia but that was a source from october 2010... Would not be surpised if it is now close to 5 million a month..  especially with the cartoon coming up and the popularity of the merchanidse  ( 25 million$ worth of merchandise sold in 2011) and then their is the theme park..and oh well  how big is rovio studios for the Finnishi economy?  5%? 10%?  =p.

They said not long ago (mid last year maybe) that the licensing has earned them orders of magnitude more money than the actual game sales. 

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I play the free version on my android...

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I think I might be the only one who hasnt played this game yet....

I never played it either, but I played the original, "Crush the Castle" - it's a free browser game and especially part 2 is pretty funny

and trust me much better.

Jumpin said:
I think mostly everyone plays the game once for a few minutes, and then never plays it again.

Jumpin has a point...