PS Vita USA 1st week sales - 160,499

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EDIT: VGC has the PSP's first week at 408k, so my prediction is obviously a low end one. I want the thing to fail, after all.

Min 100k
Max 170k

By first week, I mean the vgchartz week ending 25th febuary. I'll add that to the OP. Oh, and if you say 100k-200k, i will put your prediction as 150k



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Allowing for what theprof00 said:

1st week: 450k

or 1st week (weird 3G only thing): 100k, then 2nd week: 380k

I think it will roughly start similar to the PSP (which managed 400k apparently), the PSP was an unknown (a non-Nintendo handheld?) but was hyped.... the Vita has the advantage of following the PSP, so normally I would have put the launch higher, but my limited knowledge of people's opinions of it seems to indicate it isn't that desirable.

I think about 200K, the media is totally against the PSV right now :/

Between 400k and 500k. Customers in the US don't do their research when buying things (heck they dont even look a picture menu when ordering); so they don't give a hoot about the negative press it has been getting on the internet. It will fall from there but experience stable substandard sales after that until a price cut.