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Silent Hill 4 ?? really ? I love Silent Hill especially 1-2-3 but 4 ? I really had to force me to play it. Ok it can be scary and its pretty disturbing but its just not silent hill especially this burb sounds of the nurses and those stupid tiger. I mean the Idea with the room is pretty cool but somehow its just not Silenthill like.

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It's gotten tough, but still no game this gen gave me quite the rush that Condemned: Criminal Origins did, at least......not yet.

So: Condemned: Criminal Origins on Xbox 360.

Still Codemned: Criminal origins for you after all this time huh, and still Dead Rising for me. will these 2 games ever be de-throned this gen?

I take it the origional Silent Hill is still your fave game of all time? Did Condemned even come close to taking SH's crown?

I love Dead Rising to bits, but nothing comes close to Shenmue for me, DR is exceptional, but Shenmue is still in a class of its own.

Condemned is up there with SILENT HILLs 2/3/4. The original SILENT HILL, however, is the King still!

The origional Silent Hill is a tremendous game, i can certainly see why it appeals to you so much, undoubtedly a CLASSIC survival horror game

I have enjoyed all four silent hills with a number on the end (1-4) and i think despite the flack it took from the press that Homecoming is a pretty good game too.

MGS4 is the best game this gen for me.

Best game i played this gen would have to be uncharted 1, i would say uncharted 2 had i played that one 1st though.

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It was MGS 4 until Uncharted 2 came out.

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Valkyria Chronicles. After that Lost Odyssey and Fallout 3.

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I love the series, I played all the instalments, from GOW 1 to GOW 2 to GOW Chain of Olympus.

I'm going to get the Ultimate Edition box for GOW III when it releases here in Europe :) 

Hope you have fun with Demon's Souls if you ever get it ;)

yh i love god of war


im felt in love wif  da serious   and i cant wait till gow 3 lol

im trying 2 get into the demo


have you played the demo?


yh i will rent the demon souls



I have been trying to get into the demo as well, but so far no such luck >_<

Though I might be importing the District 9 Blu-Ray next year (I loved that movie + it gives access to the demo), so that will be sorted out ;) 

coool mate


well i jus ordered da gow collection so hopefully shud get my code soon  even im from UK lol


r u from UK?

I haven't ordered the collection, because my PS3 is one of the first models, it has B/C, so I can still play the PS2 GOW's :)

Hopefully you'll get your code very soon!

I'm not from the UK, i'm from Portugal  



same i got the 1st model but im dyin 2 play the demo  so i got the collection

uncharted 2 and phantasy star universe and god of war collection and killzone 2

...not much time to post anymore, used to be awesome on here really good fond memories from VGchartz...

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really miss the VGCHARTZ of 2008 - 2013...

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same i got the 1st model but im dyin 2 play the demo  so i got the collection

Hope you have fun with the demo when you get it :) 

I only heard good things from it so far, and the live feeds i've seen are astounding xD

I need to do that Helios Head-Ripping on my TV, that will be a legendary moment :P  

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