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The vast majority of my online multiplayer experience is in the CoD series, but I can't help but notice just how much more advanced Bad Company 2 seems.  The vehicles such as the tank, helicopter and ATV look awesome, vehicles.  The ability to have 4 separate squads competing against each other in Squad Deathmatch, max of 2 teams in MW2.  The ability to destroy cover, unlike in MW2 where someone can avoid the damage from my grenade launcher by ducking down beneath the window they're camping behind if I miss actually putting the grenade in the window.

This is all just my opinion.  Realistically, I know that Bad Company 2 will probably never gain the recognition or popularity of MW2 and that's a shame.  It truly looks like the better game.

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It all comes down to the rules, ie. gametypes. Deathmatch with all BC2 has isn't much fun in the end. And that's not to say I like MW2 either, though I must admit I haven't played it. But yeah, to me, BC2 is going to be more fun for me anyway.


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mw2 is a shit game. so no wonder bc2 is better! from beta experience, bc2 is a good/decent game. mw2 however, is just a silly, no-skill arcade shooter.


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Bad Company 1's multiplayer is making MW2 look silly, IMO.

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I am not surprised people are starting to hate MW 2, it has become too popular, all popular games receive this backlash, which does annoy me a little actually

MW 2 is a very different game, it is very very fast paced, whereas there is more strategy to Battlefield, and I actually found it a bit empty in the game I played in the beta. A vehicle based online mode is obviously going to make a very different experience to one without vehicles, but having vehicles does not make it better. The WaW games with tanks sucked

In a good game, strategy and teamwork should be able to defeat individual prowess and skill (twitch).

Otherwise, it's a shit game IMHO.

You guys make me want to return MW2 and use it for BC2

Actually, I think both sucked. I played MW2 for 5 hours or so with my brother, and was overwhelmed by the amount of camping going on. Seriously, it was just horrible. The game itself is good; the shooting is very fun and the amount of online options are great. But the developers really fucked up while designing the maps. Many of them are camping heaven.

Battlefield on the other hand, suffers from a shortage of players. The beta map is quite big for the amount of players, and the map design isn't that great. I only had fun in the town itself, but absolutely hated the bridge and russian stronghold. Also, I hated the fact that some rifles recoil far too much for my taste.

MW2 could have beaten KZ2 as my favorite multiplayer expirience, but sadly, camping has prevented that from happening.