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you could have 20-30 very small games but that would be a needless waste of resources. basically its getting a lot of support from nintendo and ubisoft. i could see sega and capcom also supporting at as they are good wii pubishers

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a ~10 Million userbase just after 6 months seems reasonable to me.

I really doubt Natal or Sony wiimote will have this performances.

Keep_the_change said:
a ~10 Million userbase just after 6 months seems reasonable to me.

I really doubt Natal or Sony wiimote will have this performances.

IMHO the motion plus userbase is already ~15 millions, 7 millions are just from WSR, 1 additional million from bundled games like GST and TG10, if we go with japanese data there are a lot of motion plus sold on standalone.

With the Limited Black Edition of the Wii there's also a Motion Plus in every pack...and next year the motion plus can reach the 50% attach rate, that would be great!

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I made pretty much this exact thread awhile back. WM+ is not being sufficiently supported IMO.

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I think it is supported on good level, i mean not every game needs motion controls in a first place. Nintendo will continue to support it, and im sure 3rd party support will also increase when their realise the opportunities that it gives.

This peripheral adds functionality that should have been there (and we were lead to believe was going to be there) from the start. The complete lack of support so far for the WM+ tells me that there are very few developers/teams that have any actual worthwhile ideas beyond basic waggle functionality.

Keep this in mind when reading what I type...

I've been gaming longer than many of you have been alive.

i wanted to know the same thing because its an add-on device and usually those just flop pretty hard. i expect nintendo to take advantage of motion plus but not to many third parties will though. i personally wanted to buy wii sports resort with just the game but adding motion plus is an added bonus. (sent via Blackberry)


  • Motion plus already has an amazing user base. 15mi? 10mi? Whatever, its too many for such short time on the market.


  • Outside of Wii Sports Resort and Tiger Woods, NO Game made any somewhere near decent use of the device.


  • Academy of Champions has Motion Plus support. try to notice it! Is impossible.


  • Avatar uses it, but previews says its a dissapointing effort.... again


  • Dont give me this  "not all wii games could benefit from Wii Motion Plus" crap. We bought the Wii for motion controls. We´re still waiting for it. We´re still waiting for a decent 3rd person adventure that uses 1-on-1 motion recognition


  • Motion plus could be the line drawn in the sand for wii games: the end of waggle, a new age of intuitive and RESPONSIVE motion controls that make sense.


  • Unfortunally, outside of Ubisoft, no other publiser wants to take a serious risk at it. Why? I dont know. Maybe they already got deals with Microsoft for some REAL motion controlled games on natal (lets face it: Wii´s software with motion control has been a joke until now - outside of Resort)


  • BUT Red Steel 2 has potential to be THE wii game. If it succeds, it will hit HARD. Other publishers will be left to eat some dust.


  • And we´re yet to see how the motion plus usage works in Reginleiv (my personal favorite game to hype right now)

What happened to Wii Motion+? It was released a few months back, bundled with one of the most successful games this generation, and will surpass 10 million units within the next couple of months. This makes it one of the most wildly successful peripherals in the history of the electronics industry. This doesn't even account for however many non-Wii Sports Resort Wii Motion+ units sold.


Signalstar said:

I think its odd I haven't heard much about it lately. There are only about 8 games I know of that support it. Wasn't this supposed to be really big for the Wii and make the controls so much more lifelike. Then why does it seem Nintendo haven't pushed it all.

Is WM + being ignored or am I completely out of the loop?

You are indeed out of the loop sir. Wii Motion+ certainly has been pushed by Nintendo: as forementioned, it was packed in with one of the most successful games this generation which has sold it nearly 7 million units within a matter of months, and easily 10 million by years end. In addition, they had launch parties throughout the world including a widely publicized one in Times Square New York City. It certainly has not been ignored aside from that either: it has been widely discussed as recently as this week for implementation with one of Nintendo's oldest and most critically acclaimed franchises: The Legend of Zelda.

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