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Do you think MS will counter and offer free online play for silver - and premium features and content for Gold?

I think something like this could be in order:

Silver free - online play, Netflix for free, chat and messaging, as well as Facebook and Twitter

Gold - online play, party features,, beta passes and free TV shows, two free movie rentals a month and demos at least 2-3 weeks earlier than silver.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Here's the link to the Sony conference PDF:

I added a tidbit at the bottom of this thread about the highlights of the PDF from the investor conference.


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PSN is not going subscription fees. They are offering some more premium services like Qore. Maybe they'll offer some sort of special early demo access or insider info, but it will be nothing like xbox live.

PSN is going to subscription fees? That's news to me.

As for MS making it not a fee, I doubt that. They get a large sum of money off those subscriptions and I doubt they will simply take that away. Given most gamers have no issues paying for it, I doubt there is really anything to affect them to stop doing it. Personally I have no problem paying $50 a year for a service I find to be quite good (for the most part).

No Ms is making way to much on gold.




Hahahaha, it was only a matter of time before Sony tried to add subscriptions in there somewhere. I mean its pretty clear Home didn't recoup the costs it takes to maintain their network. And if these subscriptions are limited to some small special features, it probably won't be enough either, and they'll add more subscription fees to more general features.

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Premium - shremium.

The main appeal of gold subscription is online multiplayer. Cut that, and you lose lots of revenue. They won't do it. Not a chance.

I don't think so since alot of people pay for Live.

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psn and subscriptions? who says?

I'm not really here!

All i want is free online gaming, i dont give a shit about any other features, give me online gaming for free and ill be fine.

PSN will never have fee's thats like me saying Halo Reach will go multiplat