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Here's the link to the PDF.

According to a PDF from a Sony media/investor conference, Sony is calling the Sony Online Service a "revenue stream."

Here's the link to the PDF -

The Sony Online Service, which is first mentioned on page 20 of the PDF, will integrate several devices and offer premium content.

Here are some details on the PDF:

Listed under 5 Key Advantages of PlayStation 3 - PlayStation Network:

*Rich lineup of content (game and nongame - video, comic, etc.)
*Q2 FY2010: release non-game software development kit
*New revenue stream from subscription

The PDF is filled with other juicy morsels of information.

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Wait, subscriptions? Kaz Hirai came to my house with cookies and told me that PSN will always be free, BC would be back and that the other kids were just jealous because I am so much smarter than them. Then he gave me a half-heart necklace that said:


and he had teh other half on, it said:


Misleading thread title, this is rumor/speculation as of right now. The OP's assumption that this is some proven fact and his ensuing argument makes for a really stupid topic. "If PSN goes to subscription fees ..." would have at least made sense.

By "new revenue streams subscriptions" it would make more sense to think they mean Qore, Netflix, and MMO subscriptions.

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Yeah, its not right. They mean subscriptions, but not subscriptions to the PSN service.

a mod should change the thread title.. it's very misleading.

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Ok, the OP is really stretching things to make a point. We have no idea what any sort of Subscription for services on PSN entails, or if it's even for any service per se. To try and predict what MS may do to react to things we know nothing about is pointless, and what the OP is implying the fees might be for amounts to nothing more than hearsay and speculation.

I doubt this thread was intentional flamebait, but regardless wars have already begun. And it's all pointless bickering since there is no real information to discuss here. I'm going to lock this to prevent things from getting more out of hand.

Locking's better than banning, I always say.