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Baten Kaitos!!! Monolith said they were ready to make a new BK last year if Nintendo gave them the go ahead and it's actually tri-Crescendo's most successful title/series so I'm hopeful they'll make it. NoA even localized Origins themselves so I think they have a soft spot for the series. I hope they announce it soon...I need a new one badly. That'd be my most anticipated title besides Tales of Graces.

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Hen-shin a go-go, baby!

No seriously, I really don't know. Seen a lot of good suggestions here with Viewtiful Joe, Eternal Darkness, Wind Waker (tho the DS Zeldas are sort-of sequels to Wind Waker), Pikmin 3. I am also going to say Resident Evil 4, because RE5 doesn't do it justice.

But more than anything, I want a true sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, I really want to visit Delfino Island again.

I'm kidding! Relax!

Luigi's mansion

non gamecube sequels:
pilotwings - PLEASE!!!

Oh yeah hey I totally forgot about Waverace... those games were totally sweet! :D A Wii version would rock, and would imho cater to the casuals that Nintendo so loves too!

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F-Zero and Eternal Darkness.

Speaking of Waverace, what the hell is NST doing these days and why haven't they released anything for the Wii?

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pikmin would be nice.

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Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin and F Zero come to mind.

like so many others

baten kaitos

viewtiful joe

eternal darkness

a "traditional" phantasy star online would be awesome but unless phantasy star zero works miracles now that its in the states i dont see it happening.

Eternal Darkness, Luigi's Mansion and Baten Kaitos

Eternal Darkness and Beyond Good and Evil!!!