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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Analysis, what version of GH III are U buying?!

All I've ever owned were Nintendo systems, so I've never had a Guitar Hero game. I got addicted to the original on my friend's ps2, so now I'm super excited that I can get it for my Wii.

 I also think that the ps2 version will outsell all the others. Wii does have a chance to outsell 360 though.

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ameratsu said:
BenKenobi88 said:
ameratsu...almost everyone here thinks the PS2 version will sell the most...or at the least will be very close second to 360 perhaps...hardly anyone thinks the Wii will be number 1 I don't know why you bring it up.

there was a thread where people listed the top 10 games sales wise this holiday season. very few people bothered to include PS2 GH3, and few people pegged it above the other versions. it seems to me there are quite a few people (on this site) who think GH3 Wii is going to outsell the rest.

 Well, although it is not completely clear but at least a big part of people excluded PS2 in that thread (at least I know I did), so that doesn't say too much for the expectations of the PS2 version. 

I think PS2 opening week will be the best, but no legs. Wii and 360 version will have better sales end of 2007 because a lot of people will change consoles this holiday and those two versions will benefit the most.

I'm getting the Wii version.

BenKenobi88 said:
plus the Wiimote gives the guitars rumble and sounds when you mess up through the Wiimote speaker. All relatively minor stuff, but that is something you don't have with the other versions, and if you've only got a Wii, well it's a pretty good GH3.


 But My Fender Strat doesn't have rummbel :/


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I won't be getting GH3!


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wii because i can play it on my living room