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Forums - Sales Discussion - Ten Week Countdown 2009!

Ah ok thanks DMJ

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PS3: 250-300-300-400-700-550-670-1000-720-340 =5100
360: 170-230-210-280-480-380-450-550-470-230 =3450
WII: 280-320-360-500-900-750-880-1150-800-400 =6340
PSP: 130-150-160-200-340-320-400-600-520-280 =3100
NDS: 520-600-680-850-1420-1260-1450-1800-1620-600 =10800

Here are my 10 weeks for each console

right the predictions are rolling now!


PUT em down for PSP DS too!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

I'm working on mine too


Week 1 - 230k
Week 2 - 200k
Week 3 - 220k
Week 4 - 250k
Week 5 - 450k
Week 6 - 350k
Week 7 - 370k
Week 8 - 390k
Week 9 - 650k
Week 10 - 250k
Total:  3360k


Week 1 - 650k
Week 2 - 750k
Week 3 - 850k
Week 4 - 950k
Week 5 - 1300k
Week 6 - 1000k
Week 7 - 1050k
Week 8 - 1500k
Week 9 - 1300k
Week 10 - 650k
Total: 10000k

How I came to these numbers:

PSP is fading off into oblivion.  With nary a glance back from Sony Computer Entertainment.  This will be the first time it is down YOY for the holiday period (Was actually flat last year), and the trend will (sadly) continue.  With no notable releases until KH: BBS in Japan this January, I see no reason why, aside from the seasonal boost, PSP will do anything but be down YOY.  I'd say doing anything more than my projected 2.8 million is a stretch, and I have it down about 40 %

DS is doing great (as always) and will continue selling good as it usually does, even without a breadth of new software to purchase.  DS and DSi will sell at a steady clip, and no one will be the wiser.  I think maybe down by 15% but still over 10 million is nothing to scoff at.  I should probably raise it more, but oh well. 

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Ok, I have added mine to the mix now... so now you can copy them and get 100% accurate predictions

All updated for everyone else now too.... it will be organised into alphabetical order later (when everyone who is playing has been added), for now it is organised with whoever did it last year at the top (in the same order as last year) then when I add a newcomer they are added beneath, this is just so I don't have to keep re-organising my excel sheet

Ok time to start deciding mine!


All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

It now has sufficient players to be at least interesting. Let's kick some arse :p

This year I'm gonna enter, wait for my predictions.



                       Thanks Blacksaber for the sig                  Tag:"Nintendo es toda la diversión de esta generación"

Right. Im going to play.