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FishyJoe said:
Diomedes1976 said:
Total numbers as 31 dec 2007 ;

X360 ;12,5 million sold ,maybe 14 if they drop the price .

PS3 ;15 million consoles sold ,maybe a bit more if they can produce more .

Wii ;some 16 million sold ....the software drain I expect(at least in quality ) could lower a bit these numbers but not much at worse 1 million or 1.5 million for a total of 14.5-15 .Sticking to the best numbers I would say 16 million .

So my predictions are that by 31 december the world userbase will be lead by Nintendo by a very short margin over PS3 ...X360 will still be there very close but already surpassed by Sony and Nintendo .



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roadkillers said:
By the end of 07 I think... USA PS3: 8 million 360: 13.5 Wii: 6 Japan PS3: 13 million 360: 3 Wii: 8 Europe: PS3: 12 million 360: 8 Wii: 8 I think in America Halo will help the 360 enough to be top in 07. For Japan I think the upcoming Final Fantasy game will help it sell more. For Europe I think that Killzone, MGS, and a couple of other games will help it sell.

You say '07 but put '08/'09 games? I'd like to say more, but it's not worth my time...

Soriku...those games were announced for 2007, and he posted in 2006.



I am more surprised to find out that Diomedes1976 has been questioning the accuracy of the site for so long-8 months and counting...


>.> Whoops...

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DonWii said:
I am more surprised to find out that Diomedes1976 has been questioning the accuracy of the site for so long-8 months and counting...

 Is like the bunny from the old energizer spots

By me:

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I like my old pred. only diff is Wii. I originally thought it would stop being sold out by March. :)

TWRoO said:
i predict that by 11th september 2007 sales for each console will be like this;
Wii - 11.42 million
360 - 10.89 million
ps3 - 4.56 million

i know you'll all think i'm crazy with such outrageous sales predictions but i have a hunch and i thought i'd just go for it.

p.s. old sales predictions are funny, i wish there were more. just realised the date!...oh wait it's the 12th now.

Dammit, don't do that!  I was reading this thread from the beginning, chuckling at some of the predictions.  When I came to your post, I honestly thought to myself "Oh my God, this guy's friggin' Nostradamus!"

Then I noticed the date of your post...

super you had a very very good predictions
LOL at dio
15m ps3?

to many had ps3 in first wii last, most had 2nd as 360, which is accurate

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not bad for a first post super. 1,500 posts later and look what happened to you =)

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