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Hey guys, Where does the website get its numbers from?? I know it's more accurate than (it just uses an automatic counter, it doesn't take any real sales data at all) I know the Japan numbers are easy to get, because they release console sales every week. Is the Americas number from NPD reports? And where does the site get its Europe number from, in all my searching on the net, all I can find is news reports of average monthly sales in Europe, nothing like NPD to provide an estimate. I think the numbers on your site here are pretty accurate, the one I question (and then again I don't) is the 360 number. M$ claims they will have shipped 10 million by the end of the year. I know this means, in the pipeline, on trucks, still at the assembly location, and still on shelves. But 7.2 million is a lot less than that? But checking NPD numbers As of now they have only sold 3.41 million Thru November in the US..So I don't see how it could even be 7 million. They have only sold 0.27 million in Japan. And there is no way Europe is purchasing more than the US. So I don't see how it even adds up to 7 million, let alone 10. Seems like M$ is inflating their numbers (but everyone does that, Nintendo, Sony all use the # shipped as their benchmark for bragging rights)

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The numbers are based off alll the sources we have and are as accurate as humanly possible!

superchunk said: Hello all. 1st post. 360 has only been able to sell 7 million in its 1st year. If all keeps its pace then by end of 2007 they would have 14 million at best. Wii has two million in 1 month. By January probably 1.5 more, so 3.5 million at years end. I would say with games like smash bros., MP3, and Mario Galaxy coming out next year they should have a great year. Probably similar sells to the DS once really good games came. I think that by March they will exceed their6 million goal and make a good 13 million by year end 2007. ps3 is just too expensive and there will be no reduction in price any time soon. So for those of you who think a sub-$300 ps3 is coming. HA. Not for atleast 5 years. At the current price point Sony has said it will take over 3 years just to make profit. So, 1 million by years end, 4 million by March, and a whopping 8 million by end of 2007. Jan 2007 360 - 7 million Wii - 3.5 million ps3 - 1 million Jan 2008 360 - 14 million Wii - 20 million ps3 - 17 million Jan 2012 360 - 47 million (Gains many once-exclusives for ps and sales well do to price reductions) Wii - 55 million (Matches NES and SNES sales again due to expanded market, akin to DS) ps3 - 45 million (Was able to keep a few exclusives, but eventual price drops coming too late to raise sales to ps1/2 levels) And there you have it. Thank you for coming.
I disagree. The 360's sales will eventually slow to a crawl, at least until Halo 3 comes out. Even if, Halo 2 was not a good shooter, and since all the halo fans probably already have a 360, it will not help dramatically. As a result, my figures are as follows. (Each year/month is at it's end) January 2007: 360 - 7.2 million Wii - 2.7 million PS3 - 1.4 million January 2008: 360 - 12.9 million Wii - 14.7 million PS3 - 12.8 million January 2012-14ish: 360 - 53.54 million (Will fail in JPN [already has], will fail in America because of lack of any exclusive titles except same concept shooter games) Wii - 68.58 million (Will sell because of price and controller innovation) PS3 - 81.58 million (after a price drop and a larger game library, the PS trademark and the games will sell the console)

i predict that by 11th september 2007 sales for each console will be like this;
Wii - 11.42 million
360 - 10.89 million
ps3 - 4.56 million

i know you'll all think i'm crazy with such outrageous sales predictions but i have a hunch and i thought i'd just go for it.

p.s. old sales predictions are funny, i wish there were more. just realised the date!...oh wait it's the 12th now.

Amazing, most people thought the ps3 was going to win this generation(not saying it wont happen), but so far its favored to the wii.


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Diomedes1976 said:
Total numbers as 31 dec 2007 ;

X360 ;12,5 million sold ,maybe 14 if they drop the price .

PS3 ;15 million consoles sold ,maybe a bit more if they can produce more .

Wii ;some 16 million sold ....the software drain I expect(at least in quality ) could lower a bit these numbers but not much at worse 1 million or 1.5 million for a total of 14.5-15 .Sticking to the best numbers I would say 16 million .

So my predictions are that by 31 december the world userbase will be lead by Nintendo by a very short margin over PS3 ...X360 will still be there very close but already surpassed by Sony and Nintendo .


Is finding old threads the "in" thing to do now? These predictions are so funny. How wrong they were. A lot of people thought the PS3 would dominate, including myself.

Thanks for the thread necromancy. Funny predictions back then, check this ones:


By the end of 07 I think...

PS3: 8 million
360: 13.5
Wii: 6

PS3: 13 million
360: 3
Wii: 8

PS3: 12 million
360: 8
Wii: 8

33 millions for the PS3, 24.5 millions for 360 and 22 millions for the Wii. 

Result as of now: Impossible for the PS3, too high. A bit too high for 360, but not impossible. Highly likely for the Wii.


January 2008:

360 - 12.9 million
Wii - 14.7 million
PS3 - 12.8 million

Result as of now: Almost impossible for the PS3. Too low for 360 and Wii.


Total numbers as 31 dec 2007 ;

X360 ;12,5 million sold
PS3 ;15 million consoles sold
Wii ;some 16 million sold 

Result as of now: Almost impossible for the PS3. Too low for the 360 and maybe for the Wii too. 

Good to remember the past, eh? Tsk tsk 

If you want some real laughs, pull up some of Washimul's old posts. His PS3 predictions were so over the top it makes Dimomedes and Roadkiller look conservative.

diomedes' look pretty ok to me 360 is close, Wii a tad [1-2mil] low... its only his ps3 thats way too high.

@fazz - how can you say 24.5mil is "not impossible" for 360 by end of 07, it would have to sell 12 million over christmas, thats like DS numbers.
roadkillers did say he wasn't really concentrating.

closest was definately superchunk, 360/ps3 are damn close to what they will probably be. [Wii as with everyone was too low though]