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Alasted said:
TWRoO said:
i predict that by 11th september 2007 sales for each console will be like this;
Wii - 11.42 million
360 - 10.89 million
ps3 - 4.56 million

i know you'll all think i'm crazy with such outrageous sales predictions but i have a hunch and i thought i'd just go for it.

p.s. old sales predictions are funny, i wish there were more. just realised the date!...oh wait it's the 12th now.

Dammit, don't do that!  I was reading this thread from the beginning, chuckling at some of the predictions.  When I came to your post, I honestly thought to myself "Oh my God, this guy's friggin' Nostradamus!"

Then I noticed the date of your post...

rofl didn't the bottom bit about reading old predictions tip you off. broshnat is iois old account?... i'm sure i've seen both accounts posts in the same thread. edit, just checked the profiles, they are the same, how come he responds to himself?