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Well I'm sure you've all seen the counter on the front page by now, what do you think about how the console wars are shaping up? Will it be long before Wii overtakes Xbox 360? Does PS3 stand a chance? Has the 360 hit it's stride now with games like Gears of War and is it going to pull out in front? It will be interesting to see how things progress...

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I would like to know how you calculate the numbers daily to update the counter .I find it a bit disturbing that this counter can follow the counter of that fake webpage (nextgenwars ) with diferences of millions between the consoles really sold and the consoles sold marked by the counter .I think it would be better to keep the counter quiet until official data arrives and then update it .For example we will have the new Media Create data ...add those numbers then but not through the week speculating after projections .I think it would be the best way to keep the data accurate to reality . For example you dont know how many PS3 is Sony really shipping each week in Japan or USA one determinate moment those numbers will grow esponentially (probably this week or next week ) so updating the counter with PS3 data as you are doing generates some doubts in the users ( in me in this case ) after your methodology and sources to do so .

I just signed up to support this site instead of the one that's pulling numbers out of their ass (or wherever).. It's just disturbing how the made up sales bars from that site are spreading over the net. People use it like it's some real time tracked thing. I hope anyone can see how the site, with basically 3 numbers (based on who knows what), is nothing compared to this site. Really appreciate the work (I know the pain of updating all those numbers) and I hope this site won't be taken down by some big number tracking company. Aren't you scared you'll have to close it down when the site gets more popular?

Hi guys, thanks for your comments. Firstly, we only update the figures on the front page when we get new data, it's not run on some kind of fake automatically-incrementing system and so on, when we get new data from our various inside sources (most of which is not made publically available) then we update. There is a small amount of projecting forward and estimation, but we guarantee that the errors are very small. Many websites, as well as the manufacturers themselves are using our data which is great, and we are very greatful to the various sources which supply us with their estimates and projections. Nobody will ever know exactly how many units of a console or piece of software have been sold, but by collating the right data sampling various regions we feel that we are as close as possible. One final not about the data is that we are tracking SELL THROUGH TO CUSTOMERS, not to retail as you may find on other sites - especially relevant for Xbox 360 numbers. Secondly, on the issue of 'being shut down by other companies' - our data is our own propietary data that we assemble from a large variety of sources- publishers, analysts, retailer reports, numerous tracking services, our own tracking and good estimation and projection based on past trends. The data we publish is our own IP and we strive to make it as accurate and up to date as possible. Thanks for supporting the site to date and please continue to enjoy the numbers!

Ok ,I am glad you dont use a mathematical function to add sales as that fake page we mentioned earlier .It was something that worried me ,this page is well know by its accuracy and I feared that you could be tempted to do something akin to keep the pace .But I see you have a solid position and method . Its obvius wich page has a lot of information and is accurate and wich one has just a webpage and a mathematic function to add sales . We appreciate a lot your efforts ! Now if only I could find that "Full " button to see the complete lists of the prior months .... PS:sorry about my english ,it isnt my native language (I am from Europe ,in Spain )

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It's PHP so you can type ?full=1 after usamonthly.php, although it will currently only give you one extra result.

Right, I'm here specifically to post one comment. I goto NexGenWars, for the figures and the forum and I'm getting fed up of seeing people from here jumping over to the more popular looking forum and pushing this site down people's throats. If you want good press for here you won't get it going to other places spamming links to this site and forcing your opinion on other people. If this site has better numbers, looks better, accurate, blah, blah people it will sell itself to people (though personally every site tracking = guesswork, which is why "sources" are never public IMHO). Please stop visiting forums you have no interest in to try and generate more press for this site, I have visited here once now to try and nip this in the bud, and will leave you all in peace once this is posted. All enjoy your numbers, have a good x-mas and new year. Gottaa, P.S People who want to just use the forum at NexGen I'm sure will be most welcome, chat, have fun, but posting a link in every post you do to here really doesn't do you any favours either (Wii_Gamer I'm looking at you)

I believe I posted a very long thread on about my predictions for this generations sales...Far before PS3 pricing, the Wii's publicity, and when the 360 was doing...Alright... As far as I've seen, my predictions look to still be holding.... #1 - PS3 (70-75m units) - Barely in 1st place. They will ONLY win this when the system is sub-$300USD...And barely. Revenue wise, it'll be similar to the PS2, but about 50m units short of what the PS2 hits. #2 - 360 (57.5-60m units) - With a large headstart, MS seems to be in a very good position - the console is making money with less than 1 year in, MS has snagged ALOT of PS2 exclusive titles to now be multiplatform, and although sales are mediocre, it's been before a price drop. I expect it to do about 27.5-32.5m units in the US, and do very well in Europe and abroad. I also expect it to do alot better in japan but still fail in comparison to the PS3/Wii #3 - Wii (50m) Despite Wii being in 3rd, It'll do VERY well still - best unit sales since the SNES. Good publicity will push it into the stratosphere now, and for the next year or two in all 3 areas. However, when the 360/PS3 become very affordable, and have much much more noticable graphics, sales will fall out. US Sales 360 - 27.5m PS3 - 25m Units Wii - 17.5m Units JPN PS3 - 22.5Units Wii - 17.5m Units 360 - 5m Units Europe/Other 360 - 22.5m Units PS3 - 20.0m Units Wii - 12.5 Units Just estimates, but should hold well...

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

mrstickball said:US Sales 360 - 27.5m PS3 - 25m Units Wii - 17.5m Units JPN PS3 - 22.5Units Wii - 17.5m Units 360 - 5m Units Europe/Other 360 - 22.5m Units PS3 - 20.0m Units Wii - 12.5 Units Just estimates, but should hold well...
Based on the current state I'd say 360 will be last in Europe (not selling well there), Wii sales will be better in Europe and Wii will be 1st in Japan. I don't know if PS3 will do this well either (of course they'll sell enough). It's too early to tell, but I think we'll have a better picture after 2007 ...

I say: 12/31/2011 PS3 Usa 28millions Eur 24millions Jap 17millions TOT 69millions XBOX360 Usa 21millions Eur 16millions Jap 2millions TOT 39millions WII Usa 20millions Eur 12millions Jap 13millions TOT 45millions