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Right, I'm here specifically to post one comment. I goto NexGenWars, for the figures and the forum and I'm getting fed up of seeing people from here jumping over to the more popular looking forum and pushing this site down people's throats. If you want good press for here you won't get it going to other places spamming links to this site and forcing your opinion on other people. If this site has better numbers, looks better, accurate, blah, blah people it will sell itself to people (though personally every site tracking = guesswork, which is why "sources" are never public IMHO). Please stop visiting forums you have no interest in to try and generate more press for this site, I have visited here once now to try and nip this in the bud, and will leave you all in peace once this is posted. All enjoy your numbers, have a good x-mas and new year. Gottaa, P.S People who want to just use the forum at NexGen I'm sure will be most welcome, chat, have fun, but posting a link in every post you do to here really doesn't do you any favours either (Wii_Gamer I'm looking at you)