Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Two Xbox360 holiday bundles revealed.

Here are the two new bundles for this holiday season:

Xbox360 Elite + Headset + controller + PURE + Lego Batman = $299

The 2nd bundle:

Black Xbox360 controller + MS Pac-Man + Bomberman LIVE + Lumines LIVE + Geometry Wars 2 = $59.99

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

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Ehhh, after the MW2 Bundle all others seem like weaksauce.......just saying  .

Thanks for the info.

I like that Arcade games bundle.

Good prices, boring content.

I am currently sigless.

I need to pick up a second Xbox. The second one is looking very nice

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true, there are great bundles out there like

250GB with Forza
250GB with MW2
120GB with Halo 3 + Halo ODST
Arcade with Banjo

I might pick up the controller. I have one of the 4 games though.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

why not make more MW2 bundles instead?

360 loves Lego bundles.

Should do well, i like the special controller bundle.


Bundles seem to be very family oriented...

I'm still trying to decide between the MW2 and F3 bundle... I want that 250 Gb drive...

So these are the two 'proper' bundles.

The other are just short term things to keep sales steady i guess.