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Who's DLB?

Btw, naznatips and HappySquirrel for mod!

P.S. I'm REALLY trying to straighten up. Just give me a chance .

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ioi I'm here Please ioi I will take the job.....I like 360 and the PS3....Please I will add alot to the site.

I would nominate John Lucas. I don't know much about him but from what I seen on him on the forums he seems like a pretty cool fellow and I'm sure he'd be a great mod.

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Problem is most of our really good members arent noticeably pro-PS360.

Personally I quite like Onna, Sulla and Dolla Dolla (I think its because of the 'A' at the end of the name)

For a PS360 mod I would have to say Rocketpig, hes pro-360 but I dont know his stance on the PS3 at all.








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Well guess it won't be me haha. Although I do visit this site everyday I don't write in it everday.

I'm probably seen as a Nintenod fan but I'm able to write stories for all consoles and all companies in an unbiased fashion. Not to mention I consider myself a pretty good writer.

But probably best if you get a mod who is well known on this site. Or maybe one that nobody knows heavily so they won't be hated as much haha.

Montana hatchet (who graciously nominated himself) I think would be a good choice too. He comes off as level headed and smart enough to write a decent piece. I actually thought of him, but I thought he was already a mod so neglected to nominate him myself.

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DLB? He is the guy from the ps blog right? I think he would do well. He gives a hefty amount of information every day.

I nominate DLB and myself as well.


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leo-j, who's DLB?

azzer100 said:

Hes comes across as very level headed, He never trolls, Always backs up opinions with numbers and is basically nice to everyone.

Bod is great def a modworthy

I also think montana can be, though we had a big fight the other day , hes still probably could make a good mod, just few minor things about him to change and its all good.....

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