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Forums - Website Topics - Two new mods / news writers

Helloooo everyone!

In an effort to keep up with the rapid expansion of the site, I want to add two more mods / news writers to our team. This thread will be an open discussion on who we feel would be best for the job, I am primarilly looking for people that are popular on the boards, have an interesting writing style and would be keen on adding to our news stories - editorial-style pieces on the state of the industry, data analysis, comparisons and so on.

I am also looking to add some balance to the team, so would like to add someone who is fairly Pro-Sony and someone who is fairly Pro-Microsoft to accompany roadkillers and mrstickball. I'd like to see more industry stories featuring on the front page and this would be the ideal opportunity for anyone who fancies themselves as an editorial writer to step up and have a go.

Nominations for yourselves and others who you think may be suitable are most welcome.



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ME ME!!!

No never mind why me? I alwyas log onto vgchartz every freakin day and always search up articles for the ps3...and im TOO pro sony.

Well any way, i dont know who.



How about someone who is fairly pro-nothing, or at least acts that way.

I think and Soriku and Leo would make excellent mods.

Pro-Sony: makingmusic476

Pro-Microsoft: Umm...rocketpig sounds good, but I'm not sure.

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Oh yeah, Saiyar could also be good (Sony).

Uhm.... kber is probably a good nomination.
Not sure about anyone else.

Saiyar said:
I think and Soriku and Leo would make excellent mods.


No not rocketpic he HATES SONY.


Contact DLB he is pro everything, just a little bit more sony. If you want any info on him I LL give it to you if your interested. He is NOT A FANBOY. And is the one I get most of my ps3 news from. Though not a vgchartz member(I think) but does link his numbers to the site.



How about the owner of SDF.