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Forums - Sales Discussion - Holiday Grudge Match PS3 vs 360 Who Will Sell More?!

I think the 360 will edge out the PS3 based on the strength of the $199 model. During the holidays, I think people tend to go with the cheaper option when buying gifts.

I think it will be close though.

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Japan there is no contest, PS3 will even beat Wii if they dont drop the price. In europe ill say ps3 again, in NA im going to say ps3 still but 360 not far behind if 360 does not drop price, if they do then it will be even

Official answer: It's too early to tell.

Unofficial answer: PS3. Reasoning? $100 price drop, GT5, FF13.

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Eh, I still think the US will help keep the 360 on top over the holidays. I also think that MS has more up their sleeves for the holidays. Dropping the Elite to $299 was a non-event for them because it didn't affect any of their profits on the system at all. They could easily do some great bundles or drop the prices $50.

I honestly don't know.

I do think this will be the closes it will ever be.

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360, MS will price cut arcade to $100

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At current price:
Japan --- XB360, no contest...
Others --- XB360 win 3 out of 17 weeks.
America --- XB360 win 7 out of 17 weeks.
Worldwide --- XB360 win 1 out of 17 weeks.
Japan sales will determine how far the gap between PS3 & XB360 sales WW.

If there's another XB360 price cut ($30-$50 less for both sku):
Japan --- XB360, still no contest...
Others --- XB360 win 5 out of 17 weeks.
America --- XB360 win 10 out of 17 weeks.
Worldwide --- XB360 win 4 out of 17 weeks.
December will determine XB360 sales up (especially in the US), as it being the cheapest HD console around.

If there's a 'surprise' PS3 price cut:
No contest at all!!! :D This one only for lol...

Conclusion --- PS3 (just bcause of the slim & the price) will outsell XB360 this holiday!! & nothing MS could do about that. Price cut is matter, but not much!!
The slim is just to 'BIG' this holiday imo...
Maybe next holiday MS???

I'm torn, either PS3 by up to 600k or a draw depending on how both companys act.


The Xbox 360.




For me, Japan is the X facter. It was never a huge part in the past couple of yrs for PS360. The big sales come from NA and Others. With the prices now in those 2 regions it will be too close to call. But if FFXIII and GT5 reease in Japan this holiday with bundles, then that will be the tipping point for PS3.
If they don't make Japan release for these titles, then 360 will edge out PS3 over the holiday season. Black Friday week is always crazy for 360.