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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Monster Hunter 4 will be on Wii.

is that Kirby007????

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Craan said:
I think it's more likely Monster Hunter 4 goes to the 'Wii2'

I think so too. Having it as a launch title in JP would be great. Edit: Though I could be wrong. They do have the engine ready and I'd think they could get it out in 2 years.

KoolKirby12 said:
Monster Hunter 3 did great on Wii and probably better than if it was on Xbox 360 or PS3. And plus Nintendo and Capcom friends so basically Monster Hunter series now belongs on Nintendo consoles.

Let's not consider any other possible platform then?

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KoolKirby12 said:
RPG_Fanatic said:
Makes sense, it will be that much easier for Capcom to port the game to the PSP afterward.

Lol you fool, neither Monster Hunter 3 or 4 are going to PSP, PS3, or 360. MH3 and 4 are Wii exclusives and will be only available on Wii forever.

i agreed with the OP at least that if it came this gen it would go to the wii, but MH3 is most certainly coming to PSP in the near future.  Ever MH game will go to handhelds for the foreseeable future.  It would be insane for them not to put it on PSP.

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I seriously think its Kirby007

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Sounds very fanboyish. I'll keep an eye on you.

Why not. They've got the engine up and running which they obviously spent plenty of time and money on, you'd hope they use it more than once.

@ the OP

You're screwed. Barozi will keep an eye on you.

Xxain said:
I seriously think its Kirby007

It would probably be worse if it's kirby....




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Oooh predictions.

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