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FootballFan said:
Ye, the standard is awful but its so much fun. The players are playing for their contracts and that seems to make them try harder.

I reccomend it. York City will bring about 500 to tamworth, be there :D

Yeah, Tamworth used to have a motto (I think it may have been the laegue motto too), but it was "no flying frenchmen" which is what the laegue is about. It's probasbly the grittiest league in football.

Even though the former Tamworth player Norman sylla was both a Frenchman and a flyer.

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Thats a cool story.

Also many great players have graduated from the BSQUARE/CONFERENCE.

Just from York City we have

Dean Kiely To Manchester UTD

Jonathan Greening To Manchester UTD

Graeme Murty To Reading

Martyn Woolford To Scunthorpe

Despite all this money generated from Transfers York city were on the brink of extinction, why you ask, because of a chairman taking over then selling the stadium then ultimatly selling the club and making off with a 3 million £ profit.

There are quality players in the Conference but they just need to get given a chance.

Huddersfield Town


Carl2291 said:
Huddersfield Town

O yeah i remember that team they are that small club close to the mighty York City

Do you guys think there could be any truth in the Terry to Man City transfer?

I know Cheslea have said he is not for sale. If Terry didnt want to go to City he could have just come out and said that he is commited to Chelsea. He hasnt made a comment on it yet, seems strange.

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Sign me up for Everton ^.^


updating the OP, will now include links to the websites of any lower league teams requested.

Boca Juniors forever

Everton in the Premiership also

Sadly there's no good US teams...

Sign me uo for Barcelona then.

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