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roadkillers is a mod.


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A mods console ownership shouldn't have anything to do with if they get the job or not its all about their ability to objectively sort out abusive users who are a detriment to the site thats it period regardless of console and have the free time to be effective. Some of the ones I'm seeing so greatly honored such as Mrstickball had no problems with any of his posts previously till today upon reading a classification of Wii fans as "N-tards" course that has nothing to do with anything on his ability to be a mod. As far as I've seen hes never abused the powers and only gotten rid of users that are troublemakers thats all they are supposed to do. They have their own opinions and should be free to express them otherwise mods only exist to remove problem users. Thats all a moderator is on most websites a forum cop something to remember too when people are yelling at them to stop anything from happening that doesn't take place on the forum they are not ioi they do not have access to the sites code they cannot do anything aside from handle messages on the board and thats generally the way it is on most websites the code/database handlers are usually known as admins. If the goal is to remove Wii bias no amount of new red names of PS3 owners will change that unless these new supposed mods are supposed to be banning Wii owners by the truckload. The only thing that will change that is people who like the other consoles debating in a calm and reasonable manner which many of the ones complaining about it here are those capable of such things. The only reason they see their brothers in arms fall around them is they behave in the Hus/Blue3/Gballzack manner. AKA detrimental fanboys no matter what creed will be removed Wii fan or not.

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El Duderino said:
super_etecoon said: it is:

Thanx etecoon, who did I miss that ??? I knew he was getting one anyway so good for him and no big deal for anybody else.

 @ Konnichiwa: So what if a bunch of ignorant people think this site is biased, they didn´t even take the time the check who does modding and who posts sales. As I sayed, do you think getting some mods PS3s will solve that problem ??? Or getting a mod who is a big PS3 fan ??? It would change nothing. Big time Sony fans come here, see the PS3 isn´t doing as well as hoped so they call bias and leave, good to see you don´t have problems with reality. Those guys need to wake up and see that this site has no problem with Sony fans, Sony(or Nintendo or Ms) fans with reality problems is what we don´t like around here.

 I can tell you some visitors on this forum (who just open one thread and go away) are calling VGCHARTZ biased and because of that gametrailers never would post a VGCHARTZ news report/sales report because they now that the forummembers will call Gametrailers biased.

We should try to change the look of the people somehow that people would call this site less a biased site.

PS fanboys, Xbots just had to look to the best games (on the right of the side) and they saw almost only Nintendo games. I know a idea how we could change that.

Personal Bias should not be an issue in deciding moderatorship and I pray to holy god this thread isn't in response to the banning of Hus. What kind of mathmatically sound logic would arrive you at the point that having any more moderators of any biases would in any way matter or in itself cut down on drama.

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Benkenobi, Shams, Stof are Wii / Wii60 biased.

Tallonman is 360 biased.

CKMLB and ROADKILLERS are PS3 biased.

Roadkillers does a good job from what I've seen, the typical walk quietly and carry a big stick mod that never lets his personal preferences get in the way of his work. On the other hand CKMLB appears to be just a troll who from what I've been told only got a mod spot because so he could post news items.

The current mods are good enough, and Gran Turismo is a PS3 biased member who at best mirrors Hus's sentiments on almost every issue. Even his very suggestion of himself being a mod managed to work in a blatant troll attack against Wii supporters so he's obviously not a legitimate candidate for mod.

I don't know why anyone thinks having any more PS3 biased mods will help this site. It just sounds like a lazy poorly thought out solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Many Sony hardcores on this site are upset not because of unfair moderatorship, but because other members (which are always assumed to be Wiifanboys) remind them of the reality of Sony's grim situation instead of just letting them blissfully try to spin Sony's situation as being something it isn't, good.

THIS IS NOT A FAN SITE! It is an objective market analysis / Next-Gen Wars Site that does not pander to anyone fanbase over the other! And surprise surprise, the only fanbase that thinks its being treated unfairly coincidentally happens to be the only fanbase whose console is struggling in the market.

Just for the record Gran Turismo is easily in the top 3 for worst choices to be a moderator imho. Not trying to piss him off, but I constantly see him trolling.

I'm all for looking for a mod with a bit of PS3 bias since I think its good to have another point of view, but I also think it has to be someone that doesn't make other people think "oh dear god no!". Which is exactly what I thought when GT threw his name in the mix.

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I'll put myself up for vote to be a mod. I'll withhold an unbiased sense here. Only warn when theres flames. Ban when someone burns.

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Hey I'll be a PS3 mod... I'll ban all those fricken Wiitards and Nintendorks just for the hell of it....... Wait a minute, I love the Wii........

I mean I will be unbiased and not label any owner of any console, you Wiitards.

Ah no wait.... I mean I will not jump to conclusions and bash non Wii owners up.... Much....

Oh crap I mean I am unbiased and uncooperative with anyone who is not a Wii owner....

DAMN IT!!! I can't get this right!!! No modding for me then you fangirls of non wiitards.... Ah I mean, Unlabeled console owners.

It's me...  no really, it IS me!!!

I would have actually felt GT was a good candidate a week or two ago. I really liked his post discussing with Wii owners why they picked the Wii it was quite a good thread and everyone seemed to leave it having had a decent conversation and a good understanding. I'm not so sure why his posts lately have been filled with so much vitriol and anger towards Wii / Wiifans I can only guess its because of the same type of attitude I've seen towards me and others for the last 10 years for being Nintendo fans (being a fan of the console losing the numbers game). The only thing I can say though is its better to just lift your chin up ignore those that want to pick a petty fight and have reasoned conversations with those that aren't so childish. There are a lot of reasonable fans of all sides on these forums its just a matter of sorting out the noise from the good stuff.

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I nominate myself, I'm like the biggest Sony fan around... >_>

I'm not sure about this. It's not like the current mods where picked because they were fans of certain console. I think most of them do a good job, no need for more mods, be them Wii360Triple fans or not. 

If I have to choose between GT and SSJ12 then I would choose for SSJ12.

SSJ12 his post are not/or less biased then GT's posts and SSJ12 haves more experience on this forum.